Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Was a Much Needed Slow Day

After a hectic two days in Germany and a big weekend on the horizon as we finally get to meet French American football legend Olivier Rival in person for the first time and play a Southern Conference Semi-Final Playoff game at home on Sunday, we needed a quiet day.

Friday was just what the doctor ordered as we simply headed downtown to meet Falcons OT Djamel Laib and our QB John van den Raadt for lunch near Lyon's Hôtel de Ville.

We were going to dine at one of Djamel's favorite haunts on an out-of-the way street that we had not stumbled upon before.

 Very Cool Book Store Entrance

It was right next to our restaurant.

La Hugonnière - Buchon Lyonnaise
13 Rue Neuve, 69001 Lyon

It is a small restaurant serving fantastic cuisine!

For example . . .

This was my lunch treat

It was blood sausage in a delicate pastry crust, swimming in an incredible caramelized apple sauce.


Merci Djamel!!!

In the evening, we held our last Senior team (9-0) practice before our big playoff game on Sunday against the St-Cergues Bulldogs (7-2).

It was another good one as it needed to be if we are to compete against the resurgent Bulldogs.


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