Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Laurie Gets an EXTREME Case of Senioritis

Today was Laurie's 32nd and a half birthday yet again! The call to celebrate this special occasion was a simple one really . . . fresh flowers, warm pain chocolate, delicious Lyonnais food and gleaming silver.

I had all the bases covered on this one.

Love that sassy look!

We enjoyed another fabulous lunch, this time at the Vieux Lyon's Le Comptoir du Boeuf. Our goal eatery had been Sophie's in St-Just but we were running a bit late and the funicular was not running so we needed a change of plans.

The beef's feet and muzzle salad was indescribable!

Afterwards we strolled the city's rues a bit more looking for the unusual.

Ferns on a Roof

Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Summary
for the Hearing Impaired

Papal Seal

 Delicate Face

Not new.

 NPHS Panther Pride!

Église St-Nizier

It merited Laurie's first visit to this Lyon Presqu'ile landmark. 

 Gorgeous Main Altar

 The Madonna's Side Altar

Another Side Altar

 A Bishop Protecting Little People

A Magnificent Statue

In the evening, we will be holding a Senior practice in preparation for this Sunday's Southern Conference Semi-Final National Division III Playoff game. It will be a home game for the Falcons (9-0) against our old rivals the St-Cergues Bulldogs (7-2).

The rest of our practice week will be disrupted by two more French holidays that will once again close down our practice facility. Wednesday is V-E Day (May 8, 1945) marking the end of World War II, at least for the French. Beating the Japanese took a bit longer.

Thursday is Ascension Thursday a religious and French secular holiday as well.

We will hold practices on Friday to make up for these missed opportunities to improve.

Laurie and I will take advantage of the break in the action by joining our Falcons' Defensive Coordinator, Stephen Wohlert, for a drive to and overnight stay in his ancestral hometown of Freiburg, Germany.

It should be a lot of fun!

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