Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rain, Museum and a Meal

The rain continued in Lyon on Friday but at least the thunder storm and tropical downpour aspects departed for the day.

We opted for an indoor activity, so we took a bus and a tram to Lyon's very interesting Resistance and Deportation History Center Museum.

At the entrance to the Museum

It was my second visit to this museum which is housed in Lyon's former Gestapo headquarters. 

This statue would instantly start
an argument in the USA

Best not get caught by
the Nazis doing this

We started our visit by watching a very sobering film about the 1987 Klaus Barbie trial held in Lyon.

Barbie earned the sobriquet "The Butcher of Lyon" for his atrocities during his time as head of the local Gestapo from November of 1942 to September of 1944. Over 14,000 killings during this period are directly attributed to him. Several of the executed first suffered torture, degradation and sexual abuse at Barbie's hands.

The testimonies of several of the survivors of his tortures were heartbreaking to say the least.

Vichy Propaganda Poster

 And another . . .

 May Day 1942

I wonder if Lyon's public transportation system shut down completely on that day?

This museum is, as I said, sobering. Still, if you watch a lot of the History Channel's programing, this is a must see stop when visiting Lyon.

Founded in 1836 and Highly
Recommended by Fellow Falcons

The dining experience to be had at this Brasserie has been a source of inspiration to me since my arrival in Lyon last September. I had long ago decided to save it for Laurie's arrival in France. It is located only a five minute walk from the Museum so . . . 
today was THE DAY!

 Crazy Woman Riding a Lion

Nice Murals

A Happy Camper at Brasserie Georges

We both enjoyed a bottle of wine and a quiet, late lunch that was rich in flavor and texture. All of the ravings by our friends about this restaurant were well deserved as we had yet another remarkable meal at this nearly 200 year old landmark establishment.

In the evening, our Junior team's practice was a major disappointment as the four coaches in attendance were greeted by only nine players in uniform plus an additional athlete who is injured. We went to Plan B and emphasized individual techniques as best we could with only one lineman and no QB in sight.

Again, disappointing with the Junior squad's next playoff game against a team from Marseille scheduled for next weekend.

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