Friday, May 24, 2013

A Scouting Trip Detour to Normandy

The last minute postponement of our Southern Conference Championship Game from this coming Sunday, May 26th to next Sunday, June 2nd gave us the opportunity to head to Brittany to scout the Northern Conference Championship Game which will be played this coming Sunday in Nantes.

#2 Tours Pionniers (8-0)
#1 St-Herblain Dockers (10-0)

We took a pair of train rides on Friday to start our trek to the Northwest quarter of France for the game. It was a two hour trip from Lyon to Paris. Then we had a one hour layover in the French capital before boarding a second train for another two hour jaunt, this time to Bayeux in Normandy.  

Our Bed and Breakfast in Bayeux
was quite quaint

Common Kitchen Area at the
Aggarthi B&B

Laurie in the B&B's Garden

This photo was taken during the 73 seconds that the Sun shone in France today.

It continues to feel a lot more like November than late May in all of Gaul.

The B&B's roof line could be
an issue later tonight

After settling into the B&B, we started a two mile hike to the edge of Bayeux's city limits to pick up our rental car that we need to get around Normandy and Brittany for the next few days. This walk would leads us through some of Bayeux's best sights.

The Bayeux Cathedral

Laurie on the Go

We felt much safer

"Your Bread is in Our Good Hands"

After picking up our cute little EuroCar, we headed back into the historic Bayeux city center and viewed the intriguing Bayeux Tapestry that tells the story of the Norman Conquest of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D.

No photos allowed and I followed the rules. After seeing the Tapestry, we opted to explore Bayeux rather than heading out to the D-Day Beaches. We will view those sights fully on Saturday.

Laurie and Lace

Old Sluice Gates in Action


Meanwhile, back at the Cathedral . . .

Gargoyles would get a workout
later today


Cathedral Tower

Wrought Iron

Sad Eyes

Little Person

The Holy Trinity


St. Michael the Archangel


Cool Crest

St. John the Baptist

Choir Guarding Lion


Mean Look

Lest We Forget

Mossy Cathedral Wall

Wonderful Store

Half Timbered House

We are now proud owners of
a small bottle of Calvados

Dinner tonight at Le Pommier

The foie gras and mousse St-Jacques appetizers were incredible! The steak and fish that we shared for our main dishes were both swimming in mouth watering sauces.

Goodness, how we LOVE French cooking!!!

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