Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Special Thursday Edition of Travel Friday in Annecy

We joined Jean-Charles, Marianne and Lucie Dambois on Thursday for the beautiful 90 minute drive into the French Savoy Alps region to visit the marvelous lakefront city of Annecy.

Annecy has something for just about every taste. In Annecy and nearby you have skiing, para sailing, scenic hiking and biking trails, boating, swimming, fabulous mountain views, interesting canals, a quaint old town and even a castle.

Marianne, Lucie and Laurie . . .

Lucie will be spending the Summer living in Southern California with our friends the Sabolics and with us for about three additional weeks.

All the proprieties will be observed!

Our first stop in the Annecy valley was to this charming home of Lucie's employer. Lucie was spending the night after helping with some more fashion bag designs.

They had a very cool kitchen light
made with Campari soda bottles

After dropping off Lucie, the four of us were off to the nearby Paccard Bell Foundry Museum.

Camino de Santiago Bell

The Camino is everywhere David Lassen!

They have been in the bell making
business since 1796!

Jesus is BIG in France!

Bell Cup

Bell Hammers

We were fascinated by the
whole bell making process

Sacre Couer

A BIG bell clapper!

After the bell museum visit, Jean-Charles drove us high up into the hills for one of his and Marianne's favorite lunch spots, the Chalet La Pricaz.

The View of Lac Annecy

The city of Annecy is at the very farthest end of the Lac.

Laurie, Marianne and I
with two para sailors in the distance

Suddenly, another one swooped
right over us

One view of our lunch table
at the Chalet La Pricaz

The view from our table

Our funny waitress is a big
Mike Contreras fan it turns out

Another view of our lunch table

Where was Julie Andrews?

After a very good meal, we headed to the old city of Annecy. 

Talk about a scenic drive!

Interesting streets to be sure

They even have a church

We did not go in though.

They had canals too


What the . . .

Marianne, Jean-Charles and Laurie
on another Annecy canal

Lunch for two, SVP

I wonder if Dick Bellman
has flowers on his bike?

Great day to just hang out

At Annecy's 12th century castle

Old Roof Lines

A River Runs Through It

A POWERFUL River at that

A Riverside Table for Two?
Step right this way

Canal Side Living

Moss on a roof is a good thing!

Son of a Biscuit Eater!

Laurie did MAJOR damage here

I may be guilty of aiding and abetting.


Clear Green Alpine Lake Water

Very Clear and Very Green

We had a splendid time with the Dambois family today! It is hard to beat a day in the French Savoy Alps with good friends, good food, fine wine and good weather.

We returned to Bron in plenty of time for our Thursday night Senior team practice. About 40 minutes into the workout, the skies opened up with a deluge of Biblical proportions. It was a warm tropical downpour accompanied large balls of hail and sharp lightening strikes all around us. We tried to outlast all of this extreme Falcon Weather but finally gave up as there was no sign of the heavens giving up after about 20 minutes.

It is now two hours since we called the practice and the rain, lightening and thunder are still in full force with no sign of letting up any time soon. At least it is not hailing anymore.


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