Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Barcelona Friday

On Friday, May 17th, we boarded a bus, metro, train and, finally a Vueling Airlines plane for the 75 minute flight to beautiful Barcelona in Spain, Espagne, Spagne, España or Espanya depending on your language and/or political bent.

Getting ready to board Barcelona's
Green #3 Line in Plaça Espanya

That is one of Barcelona's two old bullfighting rings, Arenas de Barcelona, in the background. It is now a shopping mall.

The very handy #3 Line took us to almost every place that we wanted to visit for the next five days.

The view out of our hotel room window

We had a nice quiet back room in the Hostal Abrevadero about a one minute walk from the #3 Line's Paral.lel stop. The neighborhood was alive, cozy and featured lots of good little bars and restaurants.


Did I mention the local bar scene?

The Pet Shop Boys???

The Can Eusebio

It was only about 40 meters from our hotel's front door, a good place to unwind.

Croquetas, Bravas and Beer

After a refreshing meal, we were off on a walk to see some of our old favorite sights on and near Las Ramblas.

The Customs Building near the Harbor

Damn Pigeon!

Christopher Columbus

One of Barcelona's many cool fountains

I don't think that I have ever seen this
poor man without a bird on his head


Betlem Church, on Las Ramblas, is Baroque in style which is quite rare for Barcelona. Of course, we just had to investigate it further.

Betlem Church has artsy tiles . . .

. . . and a Saint sporting a skull

A Madonna inside is a MUST!

Betlem Arches

Welcome to Hell, Sinners!

Baptisms are always good

Unique Barcelona Architecture


We were able to buy two tickets in the highest of the nosebleed seats at fabled Camp Nou Stadium for Sunday's 9:00 p.m. FC Barcelona vs. Real Valladolid La Liga game.

We were PUMPED!!!

Another Cool Fountain

About to enter Heaven on Earth

La Boqueria is my favorite produce market in the known universe!

If it is edible, you will find it here.

Even if you don't think it's edible, you will still find it here.

I love ham!

Cherries, Laurie's favorite

After white wine, but of course.

Big Grapes


Saffron For Sale
460 Euros for 100 Grams

That equals about $594 for 3 1/2 ounces.

Good Looking Mushrooms

Funky Tomatoes

Peppers, LOTS of Peppers

Pig Feet and Pig Hearts

Double Yum!!!


Love Shrimp!!!

I always enjoy this egg stand

Colorful Aged Sausages/Chorizos

Fruits of all kinds

We just love to nosh in this wondrous market every time we come to Barcelona!!!

Still, it was time to wander. 

Craig McKenzie would be at home here

Laurie on a big side street

Some are much smaller

Barcelona has so many of these great little side streets to explore. Love them!

Snails, Fish and Wild Boars?

Now THAT'S more like it

Catedral de Barcelona

The Catedral has an interesting
Bell Tower

Patron Saint of Machinery?

Love Lions


His "Homage to Catalonia" is a must
read if you are at all interested in
the Spanish Civil War

Little evidence of strife on
Plaça de George Orwell today

Ahh, memories of Catania . . .

An ice cream or gelato does sound good

Suddenly, Laurie was
speaking in tongues

Then I was . . .

Laurie bonding with some of her new
Atletico de Madrid friends

Alcohol may have played a part in this episode.

Taverna Basca Irati
Carrer Cardenal Casanyes 15

Everyone has their favorite tapas bar in Barcelona. This is ours.

We would visit the Taverna daily, it is Barcelona's holiest pilgrimmage sight for us.

At only 1.95 Euros per tapas it is quite the bargain and, of course . . . SO GOOD FOR YOU TOO!!!

One of the best things about Barcelona for me is being able to understand and be understood by everyone in the city in either Spanish or English.

So pleasant.


Olivier R said...

They have made a commercial center in the Arenas?!! I used to live right at the corner... I really need to go back to Barna!!

George said...

A very BIG Shopping Mall and Theater Complex at that.

The Plaza Monumental is now empty save the Bull Fight Museum.

Age old traditions dying quickly in Barcelona.