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Scouting the Northern Conference Championship Game in Nantes

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day in Brittany as the Sun was magnificent over the city of Nantes.

Time for Adventure. 

We opted to first explore the Château des Ducs de Bretagne which was located only 50 meters from our hotel.

Duchess Anne is VERY popular in Nantes

Monument to Veterans

We Stand on Guard

Good day to read in the Sun
by a Moat

The Château was constructed in the 9th or 10th century and expanded in the 13th century. It would be destroyed and eventually re-built in its present form by François II in 1446.

François II daughter, the popular Anne de Bretagne, continued the work in the years to come.

The infamous Duchess du Berry and the notorious mass murderer Gilles de Retz, a.k.a., "Bluebeard" were both imprisoned here.


Walled Up Window

The Mandatory Moat

Queen Laurie of Camarillo and
Duchess Anne de Bretagne

Moat Reflection

That's Grate!

Ornate Well

Ornate Wall


An Apparition

Witch Hats are alway a treat

An Exhibition covering

In 2014 we will mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I.

Although I have seen many markers and memorials for the World War I fallen from individual towns and cites, I can't recall any large WWI exhibits or museums in my five years of living abroad.

This exhibit in the Château would change that with its very insightful showing of what happened in Nantes during the 20th century's two World Wars.

First, World War I . . .

French Good vs. German Evil

Guilt Trip

I never thought about it in these terms but the exhibit pointed out that the entire media psychology behind any country's war bonds drives is to make those still at home pay up to relieve their guilt at not actually being in the fighting.

Interesting point of view.

The Angels in White
as the nurses were known

Wheel Chair for War Amputees

WWI Prosthetic Leg

Protect the Kids

Thank You from France

The Anthems of all of France's
Allies in WWI

WWI War Crimes

Not the Movie

Post-WWI Vases made from Shell Casings


Trying to win over the French People

Nazi Silverware

The French Hero of WWI
Not So Much in WWII

People from Nantes were deported
to the Death Camps

Torture by Head Vice

Nazi Pins

Allies Arrive!!!

Good Bye Collaborators

Well, the Sun was shining,
it was truly a GREAT day for an
American football game!

We found the right stadium thanks
to the Google Maps App on my iPhone

Finding the game field in this HUGE sports complex was not so easy. A major gymnastics competition was going on in the gym as we entered the complex. We opted to ask at the snack bar if anyone knew where the American football game was being played.

The man behind the counter said yes, in fact he had played American football in Reno at the University of Nevada after playing for several years in France. He happily abandoned the snack bar to personally lead us on the five minute walk to the Promised Land.

Small world.

Northern Conference
Championship Game

#2 Seed Tours Pionniers (8-0)
#1 Seed St-Herblain Dockers (10-0)

Because of the one week postponement of our Southern Conference Championship Game because of unplayable field conditions in Toulouse where our game was scheduled to be played on Sunday, we made this last minute trip to video scout the team that would earn the first slot in the French Division III National Championship Game on June 9th.

Dockers in Red

No Stands on the Visiting Side

Only Two Short Rows of Stands
on the Home Side

The Field Turf was a nice touch though. The American football lines are in a hard to see blue, that is why they needed the little cones on the sidelines every five yards to help players and refs know where the out of bounds lines were located.

I opted to film from the end zone

Pionniers on Offense

The Pionniers first drive was impressive

Lots of Misdirection led to a 7-0 lead

Guards Pulling

QB/HB Faking


Block That Punt!

Fast Game

In a great display of Old School toughness, the game did not stop once for a player being down, thus the Medics never came on the field.

The fact that both teams were heavily run oriented moved things along as well.

At the intermission it was still Pionniers 7 - Dockers 0, but you felt as if the men from Tours were in total control.

Getting Salty

Pionniers Defensive Line Brings It

Rock 'Em - Sock 'Em

Down 14-0 in the Fourth Quarter,
the Dockers start to air it out

Tours DBs were up to the task

Dockers Rocket Screen

Pass Mode

BIG interception that led to a 21-0
Tours lead in the Fourth Quarter


The Pionniers' Fullback, #42, is a STUD!!!

I've got to get me a
good pair of Coaching Gloves

One Last TD

The #2 seeded Tours Pionniers (9-0) will play for the National Championship on June 9th based on their well deserved 28-6 win over the #1 seeded St-Herblain Dockers (10-1).

As I understand it the National Championship Game will be played at the home of the Southern Conference Champion.

Stay tuned . . .

It was only 3:45 p.m. as the game was a quick one as I said because of the running game and no injuries.

Time to explore Nantes some more.

Tour Le Lieu Unique

This very artsy old biscuit factory is now a venue for art shows, bars, restaurants and chic boutiques.

Close Up of Tour Le Lieu Unique

We ate a good late supper here
on Saturday night

Our L' Hôtel

Great location with short walks to every sight in Nantes.

Cathédrale St-Pierre

I like it!

Religious Art

Impressive Cross


He was always willing to take one for the team.

Trying to lure Ian Murphy
back to the Church

How did they do this?

That is a statue on the tomb of the Duc of Bretagne François II's second wife, Marguerite de Foix.

Also by their shared tomb

Their are four statues at each of the four corners of the tomb. They are all of women representing Prudence, Temperance, Strength and Justice.

I'm not sure which one this one is depicting but the back of her head was worrisome . . .

. . . See Why?

Another of the Four Ladies

Thankfully, she only had one face.

Nice Ceiling Art

You had to put the rooster
in there didn't you?

Can't we all just get along?

"You know, I'm thinking of
quitting the Church and starting a string
of boulangeries all over France."

Old Cathédrale Door

Refreshing Fountain on Place Royal

Hey Lady, this isn't a beach in France!

Comfort Food


Possible dinner but not open yet

Get that out of your mouth!

Fashion Model
at Passage Pommeraye

Don't Play With Knives Kids!!!


We were strong and did not add to our already impressive stash.


What the . . .

Typical Sunday Bar Scene

Not Straight

Just for you Brian FitzGerald.

I am SO HAPPY that mustaches
are all the rage again!!!

Nantes was very nice today. We will remain here one more day before heading back to Lyon on Tuesday.

We plan on going the the Atlantis Ocean resort city of La Baule on Monday. They say that it is beautiful. Hope that the weather cooperates!

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