Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of the Junior's Season

Falcons Go Down Fighting!!!

After winning their first two playoff games on the road, the Falcons Junior team once again had to load up and drive, this time to Valence, to play the Sharks last Sunday.

Since Laurie and I were in Nantes scouting the Senior Northern Conference Championship game that day, we were not able to be there to encourage and support the Juniors.

Only eight teams in all of France were still alive in this originally 32 team playoff tournament and our Juniors were one of those eight.

I was told that it was a hard fought game that could have gone either way but unfortunately the Sharks took the victory in a wild one by a final tally of 44-26.

Head Coach Olivier Caldes and his staff did an amazing job with this group that was fun to work with all season long.

We were able to bring up two of the Junior linemen to the Senior team for this weeks Southern Conference Championship game. At practice last Tuesday night, both Mame Thiaw and Mehdi Camarasa proved that their training and hard work with the Juniors made for a smooth transition to the Senior team. They are both linemen and greatly improve our depth for the playoffs.


Roger Kelly, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to all things about EuroBall, recently informed me that I needed to take the 30 question EuroBall quiz that had been posted on the website.

After dragging my feet for over a week because of our recent trips to Barcelona, Normandy and Brittany, I finally took the quiz. I scored a mediocre 20 out of 30 but was honored to be a part of Question #17 which I somehow got correct!

Here is Question #17 with my answer included:


We will have our final practice tonight in preparation for our very difficult game at Montrabé on Sunday against the #1 seeded, 10-0 Comètes.

We need a good one tonight to say the very least.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you guys Sunday! Tara and I will be in D.C. our first full day. We will tour by foot and check out what besides the WhiteHouse is constructed from limestone from Croatia. Of course you know why Croatian island stone was used? Napoleon followed up the Louisiana Purchase to us, with some Dalmatian Dirt as building material for our new Capitol! No wonder the British burned it down. A hug for Laurie. Paul

Anthony (Europlayers) said...

Hi George, another quiz about American Football in Europe for you: