Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slow Day in Hässleholm

The Swedish word ombudsman has been adpoted into English and literally means "a person who acts as a trusted intermediary."

A slow day today, nothing wrong with that for once.

After yet another Swedish pancake Thursday at the golf course restaurant, we strolled back to Icelandia via a new path.

A very nice set of vegetable,
herb and flower gardens

Our new path led us past this very pleasant scene.

The Noel Smith Project

Before heading to practice, we sat down in Hässleholm's main square to listen to some mellow music and have some fika.

We had our last practice tonight before Saturday's home game against Carlshamn. We had a good turnout and were even able to hold a full offensive team practice for the first time since returning from the Summer Break.

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Ryan Bolland said...

Looked up Noel Todd Smith. According to his facebook page, he was born in Indiana and now lives in Sweden. A little of our question about his origin/history answered, at least.