Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bjärnum's Museum of Regional History

The Husqvarna Company is one of the world's biggest names in lawn trimmers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and motorcycles.

A few notes leftover notes from yesterday. . .

Johan Hammarqvist's article in NorraSkåne on our Kristianstad C4 Lion game can be found at:

Molly Grip made this stool for me

She is so sweet!

NorraSkåne article on me in the
People section on Saturday

Sorry, there was no link to this article on the NorraSkåne website.

On Sunday, we met Ryan to board the yellow regional bus to the exotic village of Bjärnum. Our trip was two fold. The first order of business was to share lunch at the home of Frank and Thérése Hilgers and their daughters Anna and Sara. After that it was a tour of the Bjärnum Museum of Regional History.

Home Made Smörgåstårta

Smörgåstårta is Swedish for YUM!

Even though seven of us were sharing this delicious offering with shrimp and salmon on the top, it was still too much for us to finish.

To walk off a few calories, we then strolled to the museum.

The old Bjärnum Water Tower

A municipal landmark that can be seen from any vantage point in Bjärnum for easy orienteering.

Five minutes and we were in
these serene woods


A very cool slug

I don't see how the scenery on the
Camino de Santiago can possibly top this
beech wood forest

Finally, we arrived at the museum which houses over 100,000 artifacts from the everyday lives of the people who live in and around Bjärnum

Three eager students for the first day of class in the old Bjårnum school house

G is for George, G is for Gris

Hey, wait a second, gris is a pig in Swedish.

Type casting.

Every home should have a
stuffed moose head!

I know that Gomez Addams would agree with me.

Little Brown Jugs



Local woodcarver Alte Nilsson on display



Alte Nilsson also crafted cups and jars

Aderius Ståhl

This fun loving fellow was an usher in the local church, a field cutter on the farm and, as a former Hussar, was a member of a light cavalry outfit.

Tooled Rifle

Firemen's Helmets

A gramaphone but no dog was listening

A wooden shoemaker's tools at work

Farm Machinery

This engine is intended to run some kind of machine by turning a belt but what I liked about it was its ability to make perfect smoke rings by the dozens.

Another Farm Engine

No smoke rings.

Nice Farm House

I just liked the cut of his jib

A stone crushing machine

Better than a chain gang and really needed in boulder happy Skåne.

Ryan, put your game face away,

An old weaving loom

It was to be found in the last building we entered in the museum, a 300 year old, low ceilinged affair with even lower doorways.


"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

This last museum building is now aptly known as the "House of Pain."

Don't worry Jonas, I will be at the morning mini-camp for the 50 new kids trying out American football for the first time tomorrow.

Classic Car and Motorcycle Show

I tell you folks, this museum has EVERYTHING!

An English Javelin

A 100 year old motorcycle

A sweet blue Volvo

Koreen FitzGerald?

A Plymouth

Ryan's favorite, a '66 Mustang

A Dodge from the '30s

My favorite, a '57 Chevy

Yellow tree fungus

An interesting sight on the way back to the Hilgers' home.

Frank, Thérése, Sara and Anna Hilgers

Great hosts, greater times!


David said...

Are those Fiat Cinquecentos in the one shot of the classic cars and motorcycles?

George said...


It is a CLASSIC Car and Motorcycle Show after all.

Ryan Bolland said...

I'm sorry, I am a serious person.