Monday, August 9, 2010

Sports from Hell

Sweden is the fourth biggest country in Europe covering 173,731 square miles, making it a little larger than California. Approximately 9,000,000 people live in Sweden, giving it a population density of only 52 people per square mile.

On June 22nd, I received a CARE package from Mike and Susan D'Antuono with eight books in it. Today I finished the last of these tomes, a hilarious take on off-beat sports by one of my favorite sports writers, Rick Reilly.

Very Funny

Reilly takes a look at some very strange sports from all over the world. Chapter titles include:

1. World Sauna Championships in nearby Heinola, Finland

2. Ferret Legging in Richmond, Virginia

3. Bull Poker from Angola State Prison in Angola, Louisiana

4. The Three-Mile Golf Hole in Socorro, New Mexico

5. Rock Paper Scissors in Las Vegas, Nevada

6. Women's Pro Football in San Diego, California

7. Chess Boxing in North London, United Kingdom

8. Drinking Games featuring the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas, Nevada

9. Zorbing in Queenstown, New Zealand

10. Baseball anywhere in the baseball playing world

11. Nude Bicycling in Sydney, Australia

12. Jarts in Piqua, Ohio

13. Homeless Soccer in even more nearby Copenhagen, Denmark

Since Las Vegas, Nevada also has youth, high school, college and minor league baseball teams within the city limits, it can also now lay claim to the title . . .
"World's Sports from Hell Capital!"

In a related story, the World Sauna Championships were held in Finland this past weekend with tragic results, one of the Russian finalists baked to death six minutes into the final roasting, no joke!

He parbroiled in the sweltering 230˚F/110˚C sauna where the object is simply to withstand the heat in the sauna longer than your opponent. For more ghoulish details go to:

Tack Så Mycket, Mike and Susan!


Ryan Bolland said...

I knew you'd blog.

George said...

Better late than never!

David said...

It's 94 with approximately 623 percent humidity today in Philly. After a very long walk from the subway station to the media entrance at the ballpark, I think I just qualified for the sauna championships.

George said...

If your skin was blistering, you are indeed in training for the 2011 World Championships!