Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Trip to Helsingøre

Ingemar Johansson was the boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1959 to 1960.

Ryan joined us for the ride on the Pågatåg train to Helsingborg and the ferry ride across the Øresund
to . . .


Helsingør, Denmark, to be exact

As always, the ferry dropped us off next to Helsingør's great red brick train station.

Havana and Davidoff

I'm guessing that Davidoff is a retired KGB agent who was once posted in Cuba and has now retired to Denmark's simpler life.

Kronborg Castle

I had visited this castle the first week of April and found it quite interesting. Laurie and I returned to it about a month ago but it was too late to enter and really have enough time to see all of its wonders. Thus today, it was time for Laurie and Ryan to share their first Danish castle experience.

William Shakespeare

Of course, Kronborg Castle was made even more memorable by Shakespeare's drama about the fictional Prince Hamlet. The play is set in Helsingør with the Kronborg Castle as the main backdrop. Thus the castle's nickname, "Hamlet's Castle."

Any self respecting castle must have an overabundance of fine art on display. As you'll see, the Kronborg Castle art collection does not disappoint.

King Frode Fredigod

A Queen getting her Crown

The soldier on the right is more than a little skeptical me thinks!

What if we got plumes for our helmets too?

Wood Shop 101, The Art of Inlay

Ryan with one of the many rich Tapestries

Rhinos in Denmark?

Roman sandals are all the rage
this summer for the ladies!

You really should not approach a
lion when he is eating.


This concluded the first phase of our castle tour through the Royal Apartments.

It' a tough life being a Royal and having to live in such squalor, but someone has to rule.

Through the Courtyard and into . . .

The Slotskirke or Castle Church

As usual, the Danish kings opted for simplicity in their choice of pews and woodworking as they meditated on the cross God had given them to bear.

Mad Cow Disease?

The Royal Box

Oh please, you didn't think that the Royal Family would sit with everyone else at a Sunday service did you?

After the Church, we entered the third phase of our castle tour, the Maritime Museum.
Made in Canton, China

He was a Danish sailor who rose to the rank of Captain and sailed his ship to Canton three times.

It looks just like him!

Swedish Emigration to America

It was the hot cruise ticket from 1850 to 1930.

Helga the Masthead

"Let's go that way!"

Gene Simmons in a former life?

As we walked the huge corridors of the castle, we came to appreciate the old blownglass panes that created quirky images of life at Kronborg.

Here are four of my favorites.

Life in a Bubble

Tower Focus

Fuzzy Colors

Fairly Clear Courtyard

Now back in April when I first took this tour, it was way too cold to open the stairs leading up to the tower's roof.

Today we accepted the 115 tight spiral staircase challenge when Ryan yelled "TO THE TOWER!!!"

We popped up through this
doorway to a great view

It was a little windy up there

Ryan Bolland, Tower Conqueror

You have to have Gargoyles

Although these were not as grotesque as usual.

The Øresund in the distance

Holger Danske

You'll find the mythical sleeping Viking Superman revered by Danish children, who will awaken and restore peace and security to Denmark if needed, deep in the castle's dark, damp basement casements.

I wish I knew what the Rune Stone says

I've had this same look on the train several times recently.

Part of the Castle's earthen wall defenses

There is also a moat filled with rabid swans and ducks between the pedestrians and our window, serving as another level of security from the invading Swedes.

"Cannons to the right of me . . ."

"Cannons to the left of me . . ."

Earthen walls, moats, rabid fowl, cannons, draw bridges . . . I Double-Dog Dare you to invade us!

All in all, visiting Kronborg Castle is a great way to spend an August afternoon.

My favorite Scandanavian house color

A half-timbered Danish house in Helsingør painted burnt orange. It doesn't get any better than this.

"Hook 'em Horns?"

Helsingborg's Rådhuset

Back in Sweden, we ate some great Cinese food before heading back to Hässleholm. This is Helsingborg's City Hall and is one of my very favorite photo ops in all of Sweden.

Another great day in Scandanavia indeed!

Now we need to prepare for our last practice of the week. We need more bodies to show up!!!


David said...

I believe the rune stone says, "Don't bother me, I'm sleeping."

George said...

Sleeping through WWII was probably an oversight on his part.