Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skånes Djurpark

Actress Maud Adams starred in three James Bond films.

Yesterday on our nature/dog walk with Johan and Dexter, I mentioned that we still had not seen a moose or a wild boar despite of all the signs posted throughout Skåne warning us to be on the lookout for these native beasts.

As a result, we decided to pick up Ryan and drive down to Höör to visit . . .

Skånes Djurpark is a wild animal park
specializing in Scandanavian animals

European Bison

Like their American cousins, they were almost hunted to extinction in the early 20th century.

Musk Ox

Kind of like Cousin Itt with four legs and horns.

Fallow Deer

Nice rack.

Finally, a Wild Boar

Well, maybe not so wild.

Arctic Fox

She explained everything you would ever want to know about Arctic foxes in great detail to us.

In Swedish.

Brown Bear

One of five sassy bears enjoying a rainy August Sunday afternoon.

A Grillplats

Unlike similar parks in the USA, Djurpark has five BBQ pits spread throughout the park for people to grill their own food. Amazingly, they are all located near the park's cafés and food stands.


I think that they are sheep but Laurie says that they are Mike and Brian's favorite animals, goats.

At last it was time for the stars of the Skånes Djurpark, the herd of Moose.

Baby Moose

Mama Moose

Papa Bull Moose

After an interesting day visiting with several of Scandanavia's native animals, we decided to drive down to Lund for fika and a visit to the Lund Cathedral.

It's Sunday, light the candles

Laurie loves this large alcove
in Lund's Cathedral

I like frosted glass windows

It was nice to have the use of Uffe's Chrysler minivan for a couple of days to spread our wings a bit in Skåne.

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