Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Practice Continues

King Gustav III was assassinated at a masquerade ball held in Stockholm in 1792.

Wallander Mystery #7

Another good read in this Skåne based mystery series by Henning Mankell. Our hero continues his downward slide physically and personally as his detecting and intuitive skills sharpen.

I believe that I have only four more books to go in this excellent series.

We continued to prepare for our Carlshamn game on August 14th tonight. Unfortunately only 15 players attended the workout. As always, the athletes at practice were attentive and worked very hard. The problem, obviously, is that it is hard to establish any rhythm or timing as a team when so many players are missing.

We only have three more practices until our next game, so things have to turn around in a hurry!

On a very positive note, it turns out that Ryan Bolland is all that I thought he would be as a coach. He communicates well with our players, knows the fundamentals of the game and has a passion for coaching.

What an asset!

To see a nice article on Ryan, go to the NorreSkåne sports page at:


David said...

The ever-popular Google translation, in which we learn your assistant has discovered "the man behind the myth" that is George Contreras:

Stays out season
Text by: Lars-Ake Englund August 3 21:22

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Hässleholm Hurricanes during the season has been reinforced in the final stages of coaching.

Ryan Bolland is on Goinge Wallen lawn and handing out instructions to the training-clad players. On Thursday, he arrived in Copenhagen, where he was met by his old high school coach, George Contreras.
- I had him my last two years, when I was 17 and 18, says Bolland.
It was Contreras who thought he would try to work out a European team. The only problem was that when his job as a teacher and coach in Mississippi had been closed as the Swedish season has already been in once a month.

Therefore Bolland contacted his old coach and was offered to come over. During the season's final three weeks he will now act to help coach Contreras.
- As long as I'm here I'll help as needed. I want to work and have very high hopes, "said 24-year-old.
The goal is essentially to garner as much experience as possible.
- And the coach has been really Contreras. The more experience I get, the better, "says Bolland.

During the two years that the young man worked as a coach for 13-14 year olds in the United States, George Contreras has always been close at hand.
- He has helped me and given me advice the last two years. He was a mentor and role model.
From just having known Contreras at the professional level - that Coach Contreras - Bolland has now also come to know the man behind the myth.
- He guides me around and is a warm person. And I have learned what is coffee - and love it!

His first match in Sweden, he has already managed to see. Last Sunday was the postponed game between Limhamn Griffin and C4 Lions. In the stands sat Contreras and Bolland and took notes.
- We do not play next weekend. Then, we'll look at Carlshamn that we face in the next round, "says Bolland.
What is your impression of American football in Sweden so far?
- There are not many fans here ...

As a coach of youth teams, however, Bolland has thoughts on how the interest in the sport will be disseminated. The sport can only grow if operators take pleasure in it.
- Young people must think it's funny. Are they better then that is fine, but the key is to have fun.
- Do you think it's funny so do you bring your friends. But you can not force people to start playing. The man is forced to is never fun.

When the season is over he will for the rest of August to travel around in southern Sweden before the tour carries on to Spain and the Netherlands.
For autumn, there are already plans clear.
- I want to continue coaching, I also want to work with law and order, either in the FBI or local police.

George said...

Yep, me, the Yeti and Big Foot.

David said...

I always found dealing with you to be a hit-and-myth proposition.

George said...