Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Practice of the Season

Sweden was neutral during World War II.

I took out the Nikon D3000 and took a few photos today after a two day hiatus.

The Swedish sky is so blue

Laurie in the forest

Only a few more days to enjoy these walks

Purple, GREAT color

In the evening we held our last practice of the season starting with ten Juniors at 5:30 followed by 17 Seniors at 6:30.

We let the Juniors play a five-on-five game so they could have a little fun. They did.

QB Dennis Kempf on the keeper



Semir Mohammed breaks away

Fredrik Waldt's excellent catch

Semir Mohammed about to make a big hit

Dennis Kempf on the sprint out pass

Jacob Osterman shakes loose

Lots of good work was put in by our core of Junior players. The future is bright.

The Senior practice was spirited as always but also lacked some key players as always.

We play the #3 ranked, 7-0 Kristianstad C4 Lions on Saturday. It should be a tough one to say the least.

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