Sunday, August 15, 2010

Danish-American Football, Kronborg at Søllerød

Björn Borg once dominated the world of tennis, winning five straight Wimbledon titles between 1976 and 1980.

Today Chuny Contreras, turns 86 years young.


Some funny exchanges from yesterday's game that I forgot to mention. Before the game RB Linus Jonsson informed me that the small statue of a football/soccer player that I published on the blog after Friday night's Vankiva-Finja game was actually a statue of his father who was a legendary player for many years with the home team.

After our game with Carlshamn, one of their players was eating a post game lunch with his family on one of our stadium's picnic tables and wanted to ask me a question.

Oakleaf: "Coach, do you know the Muppets?"

Me: "The Sesame Street Muppets? Sure."

Oakleaf: "Then you know the Swedish Chef on the Muppets, right?"

Me: "Of course."

Oakleaf: "Do we really sound like him when we speak?"

Me, trying hard not to laugh too loud: "Well. . . yes, sometimes."

You have to love the people you meet coaching in Europe.

I also forgot to mention that Scott Boer, the California QB for the Kronborg Knights in Denmark's top American football division took the train out to watch our game and hang out with Ryan in Hässleholm after the game before returning to Helsingør.

Today we decided to return the favor and take the train, ferry, train and bus to Vedbæk, Denmark to see Scott's Kronborg Knights (1-6) enter the home den of the Søllerød Gold Diggers (6-1), a tough challenge to say the least.

As it turned out, it would be a tough test for both the Knights and our intrepid three-person fan club trying to get to the stadium on time.

First stop, the Sicilian Pizzeria in Helsingør

Laurie deserved some real Sicilian pizza made by the guys from Trapani. I just prayed that the memories of leaving so many of her shoes and clothes behind at the Trapani Airport last Summer as we boarded super weight conscious Ryan Air would not resurface.

The train from Helsingør to Vedbæk was a breeze, then we hit a major transportation glitch. . . The Copenhagen Ironman Contest.

It seems that the bicycling portion was running right throuh our path to the stadium. Thus, all bus service was cancelled until 6:00 p.m. so as to not runover the contestants. Strange, but while cars were still permitted to drive on the contest route, we had to walk.

Interesting Clock on a Home

Our walk to the stadium led us by some beautiful homes that backed up to the Øresund like this one. Click on this picture to get a better view of this unique clock.

Moldy Thatched Roof

Is it more water proof?

More homes should have friezes

We had walked quite a ways and now entered a Danish National Forest.


We just exited the Danish National Forest to find this mint condition surf van.

We had walked through a DANISH NATIONAL FOREST and still had miles to go to the stadium!

But the scenery was interesting

Finally, a bus from nowhere that was not supposed to be running at this hour picked us up and got us to the stadium early in the second quarter.

#10 Scott Boer, QB, Kronborg Knights

Working the short passing game

First observation, Danish Division I football is very wide open with lots of skill players.

Kronborg Defensive Pursuit

Gold Diggers score on a Trap

This made the score Søllerød 13 - Kronborg 3, the Knights are battling.

"Block that kick!"

This PAT was wide right, still 13-3 Søllerød.


Cover Zero was the Cover of the Day for the Gold Diggers.

The Knights fighting back into the game

Scott launching a bomb which is. . .

COMPLETE to the 3 yard line!!!

Scott finishess the TD drive himself

It is late in the first half and the Knights only trail 13-10.

Ryan Shotwell, #45

More on Ryan later, for now we will just mention that he is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Keep on Chuckin'

Halftime sliced oranges

Haven't seen those since Camarillo Roadrunners Pop Warner days.

GREAT leaping catch

Almost a huge interception

Nice verticle.

Love that Danish Ø

In the end, the Gold Diggers were able to wear down our valiant Knights and took home a hard fought, entertaning 35-10 victory.

The game lasted for three and a half hours due to all of the passing.

Ryan Shotwell and Scott Boer

It turns out that Ryan also graduated from Dos Pueblos H.S. in Goleta, California.

Small world.

During my many years coaching at Buena and Rio Mesa High Schools, there has seemingly been a Shotwell on the D.P. varsity squad every season for the last ten+ years and they have all been outstanding players to say the least.

Ryan Bolland played for Buena H.S. and remembered the Shotwell family name as well.

Ryan Shotwell was a treat to talk to after the game and I noted with interest his comment that the his Gold Diggers teammates were ". . .extremely commited, they rarely miss practice."

The Gold Diggers are now 7-1.

Ryan disrupting Scott's passing lane

Glass Conduits

On our return, the busses were now officially running. We had to wait 20 minutes for the next one to take us to the train station where our train to Helsingør was an hour late.

Thus I had plenty of time to take this photo of the Øresundståg's power lines.

Intersting Artwork at the Ferry Terminal

By the time we got back to Hässleholm it had been over 12 hours since we left. We were tired but had a great day watching a very good football game.

We are now not big fans of the Danish transportation system or of any Ironman Competition.


SAFF Division I Södra

Hässleholm 32 - Carlshamn 0
Ystad 33 - Lugi 0
Ekeby at Limhamn, game postponed due to weather

BYE - Kristianstad

Kristianstad C4 Lions 7-0
Ystad Rockets 6-1-1
Lugi Vikings 4-4
Limhamm Griffins 3-3-1
Hässleholm Hurricanes 3-4
Ekeby Greys 1-4-2
Carlshamn Oakleaves 0-8

Saturday, August 21
Hässleholm (3-4) at Kristianstad (7-0)
Limhamn (3-3-1) at Lugi (4-4)

Sunday, August 22
Ekeby (1-4-2) at Ystad (6-1-1)

BYE - Carlshamn (0-8)


Coach Ewé said...

Hello sir!
Great Blog and thanks for it.
You know that house whit the strange clovk on the wall.
Inside the hall you will find a wind arrow(points the derektion of the wind) on the roof, made in 24K gold. thay got some mony. That area is simerly to bell air in cal.

George said...

Coach Ewé,

You know, I had a feeling that no American football coaches lived in this nice area.

24K gold. . . WOW!