Saturday, August 14, 2010

Carlshamn Game

Diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was active at the end of World War II rescuing tens of thousands of Jews from death during the Holocaust.

Carlshamn Oakleaves (0-7)
Hässleholm Hurricanes (2-4)

After nine weeks of Summer Break, it was finally time to play another game of American football!

Today we would be hosting our final home game of the season at picturesque Göingvallen Stadium.

The scenario was simple, would Carlshamn show up to play their final game of the 2010 season or would they fold their team ala Oskarshamn a few months ago when they didn't show for our game on this same field?

You see, the problem is that the Oakleaves didn't have many players before the break and every team in Sweden loses players after the Summer Break, they simply opt not to play. Could the Oakleaves field a team one last time?

I am proud to report that 14 players from Carlshamn showed up to play us with their bodies and souls. I believe that every Hurricane left the field with tremendous respect for the fighting spirit of each and every Carlshamn player and coach.

Well done Oakleaves!

There is a lesson to be learned here Oskarshamn Dockers, NEVER GIVE UP!

RB Tim Eriksson

You had to be there.

Fan Base Arriving

That is Katerina, Adrian and William Cordeiro in the foreground with Johan Hammarqvist and Mats Henningsson in the background. The stands are filling fast.

Johan Hammarqvist
NorreSkåne Political Editor

The hell with that, today Johan was NorreSkåne Sports' cub reporter and loving every minute of it!

Henning Hammarqvist played it cool

The fans were in there seats, the two teams had warmed up, it was . . .

Carlshamn starts the game on offense, three and out, punt.

TD Pär Jönsson

Hässleholm takes advantage of a short field with Pär Jönsson covering the last 12 yards to paydirt, the PAT attempt fails, Canes lead 6-0.

Another stout defensive stand forces the Oakleaves into another three and out.

TD Pär Danielsson

The Hurricanes again use the short Carlshamn punt to start another short drive. Pär Danielsson runs 31 yards for a TD. The PAT is again no good, Hässleholm now leads 12-0.

As the first quarter comes to a close, Carlshamn is again punting after another three and out.

Nice Block by Uffe Palmbrink

Hässleholm is forced to turn the ball over on downs.

Carlshamn gets their first First Down of the game via a Hurricane penalty and then has to punt.

The Hurricanes again turn the ball over on downs.

The Oakleaves run two plays as the First Half ends with the Hurricanes solidly in control 12-0.

Offensive Tackle Linus Nilsson

Phillip Corter

Besides being the Head Referee today, Phil is also the Head Coach of the Lugi Vikings.

Good guy.

Sara Hilgers

Sara is awesome as a bowler, water girl and concession stands chef.

Halftime adjustments


Ryan heading up to the spotter's booth

He did a great job today in his first EuroBall game!!!

Fullback Pär Jönsson

We agree to play the Second Half with a running clock.

Tim Eriksson bolts 41 yards for a TD thanks to great blocks by Uffe Palmbrink and Jonas Grip. The PAT is again no good, the Canes extend their lead to 18-0.

The Oakleaves are three and out once more.

TD Linus Jonsson

Linus Jonsson sprints 4 yards for another Hässleholm TD. Our PAT streak is alive as we miss another one, Canes up their lead to 24-0.

Carlshamn, three and out.

#66 Frank Hilgers
Sweden's biggest Wide Receiver

Pär Danielsson punt return

Pär Danielsson scores his second TD of the game after a dazzling 44 yard run. After a holding penalty, Danielsson adds the two-point PAT by running 13 yards. Hässleholm is now cruising 32-0.

It's lonely out there sometimes

RB Tim Eriksson

LB Uffe Palmbrink returns an interception 10 yards on Carlshamn's second play.

The Hurricanes turn the ball over on downs.

The Oakleaves run three plays and the game is over.

The Canes showing their respect
to the Oakleaves players

Hässleholm 32 - Carlshamn 0

I forgot about the water!

Damn the Summer Break and my faulty memory.

Winning can be a bonding experience

Strange but bonding.

Frank Hilgers recreating his WR stance

Jonas Grip's post-game interview
with Johan Hammarqvist

Here is a link to Johan's article on the game:

Ludvig, not again!

Debriefing with Tim Eriksson
and Johan Persson

Carlshamn fan and possible future Oakleaf

The Future of the Hurricanes

William Cordeiro, Molly and Alfonse Grip all look good in the Black and Green.

Winning makes everybody happy and the Canes went home with smiles on their faces after lingering at the stadium for over an hour after the game was over.

We have one last game next Saturday at Kristianstad against the 7-0 C4 Lions.

We had a quiet dinner at a friend's home after the game and just sat and talked for hours, it was a good time. . . indeed!


Michael Contreras said...

Pass out Thor's Hammer!

Johan said...

I think the picture of me and Jonas clearly shows why he plays and I write :-)

David said...

Shouldn't you be looking at the game rather than the cheerleaders?

David said...

Oh, and here's the Google translation, in which we learn the grass at home fought back:

Easy victory for the Hurricanes
By Johan Hammar Qvist August 14 19:26

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Hässleholm Hurricanes took the third victory of the season when the grass at home fought back Carlshamn. Guests had little to offer against the home team's powerful running game and the end result was written to 32-0.

After a long summer recess was Hässleholms American football team back on the field with a new quarterback and a new type of offensive game than the spring. Pär Danielsson, retrained from running back, got a one way trip in his new role Carlshamn simply not had the opportunity to keep abreast of Hässleholm. The match was virtually over after Hässleholms first two possession, which both resulted in touchdowns. The first came by Pär Jönsson from 12 yards and the other by 1:31 yards long running of Danielsson. None of the time managed to pinch Hurricanes extra points.

The second half of play other games saw the match highlights. Home team Tim Eriksson may well blocking of veterans Uffe Palmbrik and Jonas Grip and ran 41 yards for a touchdown. After two more touchdows (Linus Johnsson and Pär Danielsson) and a successful extra points game was the match over. Hässleholm defense had the game through full control of the guests who never was near to get some points.

Hurricanes coach George Contreras gave post-match tribute to Port Charles because they stood and fought. Carlshamn have namely after the summer break had difficulty filling their squad. The Sports Director Jonas Grip admitted after the game that he was concerned about how the turmoil of the guests would affect his Hurricanes.
-Relax is one of the easy to take your opponents score and so is the game again while the risk of injury increases.

Next awaits derby against the undefeated Lions of Kristianstad C4 Hässleholm. Coach Contreras has clear objectives.
-First and foremost, we will play better than last meeting which was our worst game of the year. We want to finish the season in a positive way.
Jonas Grip, once upon a time the Lions play in C4, goes a little further.
"I think we can shock them.

George said...

It's ALL about the cheerleaders!