Saturday, August 21, 2010

Season Finale

The Swedish Chef took care of the cooking on the Muppet Show.

Today was the day of our Hässleholm Hurricanes' 2010 season finale. We were playing a tough opponent, on the road and were looking to finish the campaign on a positive note as a building block for the 2011 season.

Our Round-a-Bout gets a name

While Laurie and I were waiting for Shawn Cordeiro and Ryan Bolland to pick us up for the game, we noticed that the City Fathers have recently Christened the intersection in front of Icelandia.

Frank Hilgers looking dapper on game day

Ryan and I going over
strategy before the game

He did a great job calling plays today and has been such a positive influence here. I wish we could have had him with us from the start of the season.

O.K., lets set up the game story.

We played Kristianstad on June 19th, the last game before the Summer break. They killed us 49-7 and, if possible, it felt worse than that.

The C4 Lions came into today's match undefeated and ranked #3 in the nation. We were going into a tough situation and would have to really battle.

Hässleholm Hurricanes (3-4)

Kristianstad C4 Lions (7-0)

Pressuring their QB was a key

Linus Jonsson on the Iso

Run to the ball!

Big Third Down Stop

Marcus Linderoth holding on a punt return

No call, so it didn't really happen.

C4 gets the ball first and is forced to punt.

Hässleholm punts the ball right back.

And C4 punts it right back to the Hurricanes.

As the the First Quarter comes to a close the Hurricanes are driving and the score is 0-0.

Pär Jönsson hitting a big hole

Tim Eriksson on the edge

Another big hole for Pår Jönsson


Marcus Linderoth, #5, is a rookie who has had a great season at CB. Today we unveiled his offensive talents.

Marcus Linderoth finishing
the Reverse for six points!

It made the cheerleaders giddy!

Pär Jönsson for the two point PAT

Get Physical!

Get to the QB!!!

BIG PLAY by Rasmus Grip

Same play a millisecond later

This forced the C4 Lions to try a Field Goal with only four seconds left in the half.

The holder drops the snap and
we are all over him!

The Hurricanes lose the ball on a fumble.

Kristianstad scores first with a 9 yard TD run. The PAT kick is good, C4 leads 7-0.

Hässleholm punts.

C4 turns the ball over on downs.

The Hurricanes score on a 35 yard reverse by Marcus Linderoth. The PAT run by Pär Jönsson is good and the 'Canes take the lead 8-7.

C4 attempts a Field Goal but a botched snap is smoothered by the Huricanes defenders.

At the half, Hässleholm leads 8-7.


Pär Jönsson punting
Martin Andrä holding

Again, no flag means it didn't happen.

Good punt coverage

Martin Andrä got down there quickly.

Hässleholm has a pass intercepted.

Kristianstad hits paydirt on a 55 yard TD pass. The PAT kick is good, C4 regains the lead 14-8.

The Hurricanes punt.

Hurricane DT Daniel Engström intercepts a C4 pass.

The Hurricanes fumble the ball back to C4.

Kristianstad tirns the ball over on downs.

The Hurricanes punt.

Uffe Palmbrink recovers a punt that the C4 punter kicks low into one of his own players.

The Third Quarter ends with Kristianstad leading 14-8.

QB pressure yet again!

The Hurricanes try to punt but mishandle the snap. The punter is tackled after a short, non-first down producing run.

Kristianstad kicks a 41 yard Fiel Goal and ups its lead to 17-8.

A Hurricane pass is intercepted.

Kristianstad turns the ball over on downs after Marcus Linderoth knocks down a fourth down pass.

The Hurricanes last drive ends as the final gun goes off ending both the contest and the 2010 season.

Kristianstad (8-0) 17 - Hässleholm (3-5) 8

The Postgame Handshake

We may have lost the game but we regained our self-respect with an excellent effort.

I was so proud of our guys!

We played our hearts out. . .

Postgame Interview

Shawn Cordeiro recruiting our
newest Pee-Wee Wide Receiver,
Henning Hammarqvist


NOT a Wallander Mystery

This book was another great mystery by Henning Mankell set in northern Sweden this time. Some Nazi intrique in this one to add some spice to the novel.

Mankell is a really gifted mystery writer.


Michael Contreras said...

Way to play hard and end the season Hurricanes.

David said...

Sorry you didn't win, but it's great to see the team showed improvement over the course of the season.