Sunday, August 1, 2010

Limhamn-Kristianstad Game and a Magical Home

United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld was posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961.

August 1st and the Swedish flag flies proudly

Today marked the return of American football in Sweden on a very limited basis after a six week Summer break. Only one game on the schedule today, a Week #2 make-up game between Limhamn and Kristianstad. The originally scheduled contest had be postponed due to heavy rains that led the people in charge of this very nice multi-use facility to rule it unplayable back in May.

I opted to take the train to Malmö and meet Ryan Bolland and Shawn and William Cordeiro who were driving to the game at the stadium. I did this so that I could do a little shopping for a few small items I need for my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk in September. On this leisurely one hour ride, I like to bring a book along and read to pass the time away.

Not today.

July is the traditional Summer vacation month in Sweden. Tomorrow will be the first working day of the month of August so people were coming home in droves today.

Besides the usual traffic that includes travellers with suitcases heading to Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport, today every backpacker in all of Sweden was returning home from a camping vacation as near as I could tell. It was SRO, so I stood and watched people tripping over backpacks, luggage, strollers and people who were clogging the aisles.

No reading today but a lot of jostling!

I didn't find what I needed as most stores in Malmö were closed so I headed to the stadium.

Upon entering the stands, I ran into Ted Flanagan, the Head Coach of the Ystad Rockets and a good guy. We had a long talk about the future of American football in the Skåne region and what positive changes needed to come about to help the sport thrive. By the time Shawn, William and Ryan arrived Ted had agreed to talk with us at a future date to discuss Ystad's excellent Junior and PeeWee program's organizational structure. Ted was more than happy to help Shawn in his efforts to get both of these teams off the ground for the Hurricanes.

No need to reinvent the wheel here and it will be good for both of our programs to have another active club at these levels in Skåne.


Kristianstad (5-0) at Limhamn (3-1-1)

The big question today for me would be how both of these teams would respond to the long layoff. Neither team looked as sharp as the last time I saw them each play but that was to be expected. Still, it was a hard fought, see-saw battle.

Canes scouts hard at work

Limhamn had their chances but could not cash in.

In the end, Kristianstad does what good teams do, they found a way to win a close game at the end of the contest on a day when they were not at their best.

The key play was a late Fourth Quarter, 4th and 4 decision to go for it at mid-field. Not only did they get the first down, they picked up about 20 extra yards to set up the winning TD.

Final score: Kristianstad 17 - Limhamn 13

While the rest of Division I Södra gets underway next weekend, the Hurricanes have a bye due to Oskarshamn folding their team at mid-season.


SAFF Division I Södra

This was a make-up of a scheduled Week #2 game
Kristianstad 17 - Limhamn 13

BYES - Carlshamn, Ekeby, Hässleholm, Lugi and Ystad

Kristianstad C4 Lions 6-0
Ystad Rockets 4-1-1
Limhamm Griffins 3-2-1
Lugi Vikings 3-3
Hässleholm Hurricanes 2-4
Ekeby Greys 1-3-2
Carlshamn Oakleaves 0-6

Saturday, August 7
Kristianstad (6-0) at Carlshamn (0-6)
Ystad (4-1-1) at Limhamn (3-2-1)
Ekeby (1-3-2) at Lugi (3-3)

BYE - Hässleholm

After the game we loaded up the Cordeiromobile for the one hour drive to the country home of Katerina Cordeiro's parents for a BBQ.

Welcome to Bondegård!

If I understood it correctly, this large farm was first documented as a property in 1570. The original house was built here in 1658. This structure and a subsequent one would eventually burn down as prophesized by a gypsy. Actually she predicted it would happen three times so there is still a little fear of fire in the air.

In 1892 the current "Big House" was erected by the bachelor owner to impress a girl living across the way. They never did get married so now he had a huge two story house plus an attic to contend with. His answer was to simply live on the ground floor and close off the two top unfinished floors.

Our hosts, May-Britt and Torgny

In 1991, Katerina's parents purchased Bondegård. When they moved in, it had sat empty and still mostly unfinished for nearly 40 years.

As fate would have it, Torgny is a master craftsman and artist as well as a now retired Swedish Army colonel specializing in logistics. A match made in heaven!

The result has been an incredible country home.

A Picturesque Farm Building

I believe that pigs were housed in the stone basement area and farm equipment was stored upstairs.

William and the farm's ancient rock wall

What a great spot to dine on BBQ cuisine

The Old Chicken Coop

After yet another great meal where my attempt at moderation failed miserably yet again. Then we were in for a real treat with a tour of the "Big House."

Now remember that May-Britt and Torgny have done about 95% of the restoration and creation with their own hands!

The Parlor

The Old Wood Burning Kitchen

To William's left and out of sight is a modern kitchen. The wood burning kitchen is now mostly for show but a few years ago a freak storm hit Skåne knocking out all the power to the farm for several days. As a result, the old stove was recommissioned and saved the day!

Its nice to be artistic

The Formal Dining Room

Torgny's version of The Fortress of Solitude

All of the woodwork from ceiling to floor was done by Torgny himself!

Relax Torgny, you deserve it!

He has been retired from the military for about six years now and his study was my favorite room in this incredibly spectacular, warm and beautiful country home.

Shawn holding up a box
with Torgny's Cubans

"Put the box down gently and nobody will get hurt."

Torgny is talented, amiable and enjoys a "puro" from time to time. What's not to like.

When it is all said and done, this is the best part of coaching Euro Ball, the wonderful people we have met that open their homes, families and hearts to us.

In Sweden, LIFE IS GOOD!!!


In July, the blog was visited 5,374 times by 2,973 people, about 175 hits per day.

Vistors hailed from 88 different countries this month with hits from the United States, Sweden and Italy leading the way.

My favorite exotic hits the last 31 days came from Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Mauritius and Zimbabwe.

I'm big in Zimbabwe!


Peter Nilsson said...

When I was a small kid and started watching american football in Sweden, Limhamn and Kristianstad were the two big powerhouses. It was almost something mythical about them, at least it felt that way to me. And they both had these really cool uniforms and helmets.

It still feels special to see them play each other, even though they aren't the rulers of Swedish american football anymore.

George said...


Maybe "they aren't the rulers of Swedish american football anymore" but they are both still very good teams who are fun to watch and harder to beat.

David said...

Out of respect for your owning up to your golf score, I will pass on the straight line offered by the "big in Zimbabwe" comment.