Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shopping Day

Wednesday was shopping day for us.  Our first stop was the old Catania Pescheria.

As always, some of the guys were just hanging out.

The Pescheria was not very busy for once.

Old School scales to weigh your purchase.

The always have produce on sale as well as the fish.

Are these onions pre-roasted?

The meat and cheese part of the Pescheria is always colorful.

Anatomy 101

Anatomy 102

Anatomy Doctorate Level Course

After some serious shopping, a stop at the Etoile d'Or is a MUST!

At the IPerSimply, a vintage Fiat 500

The Fiat 500's answer to "The Club"


In the afternoon, Claudio took us shopping at his favorite nursery to help Laurie plan her new roof top garden at Malibu.

Mother-in-Law's Pillow

Loved the name but decided not to buy it.

Planning the Sicilian answer to the
Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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