Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Drive to Innsbruck

After we finished our tour of "Mad" King Ludwig's Castles on Wednesday afternoon, we started to work our way south into Austria towards Innsbruck where Jason Johnson (our '08 Catania QB), his wife Christie and Matt Epperson (our '08 Elephant "Do EVERYTHING Player") are living.  The boys are playing for the defending Euro Bowl Champion Swarco Raiders this season in the top-notch Austrian League.

It was only about 90 minutes away but on what wonderous things we saw!

The Bavarian Alps...

... with the occasional Alpine Village

The Alps getting closer and closer

 Yet another village on the Bavarian side of the Alps

Austria's Tirolian Alps

Just like the Matterhorn at Disneyland only a whole lot bigger!

"The Hills are Alive..." 

The Tirolian Alps have their own level of cuteness to match their Bavarian neighbors.

Postcard anyone?

The Swarco Raiders hard at practice.

They looked sharp and practiced with great effort.  Good turnout, the players are fined over 100 Euros for missing either a game or a practice.  If Davide did this in Catania, he would be a multi-millionaire by now.

In America we call this a
"One Man Tackling Sled"

In Italy we call this "EEMPOSSIBLE"!

Considered by Müncheners to be the best German beer

Augustiner was originally made by Bavarian Augustinian monks, hence their name.

Who were we to dare argue?

We had dinner and beer with Chritie, Jason and Matt in Innsbruck's Old Town.  It is ALWAYS a fun time for us when we get together with these three great friends!!!


DPLassen said...

Maybe you can start small and just fine the Elephants 5 or 10 Euros for missing a practice. Or maybe make them buy you a spleen sandwich.

J TWICE said...

In that picture from practice, is that Matt wearing #78 on the left side of the screen? What an UGLY uniform... haha!

George said...

That is indeed my boy wearing #78!

George said...

SPLEEN... The other gray meat!