Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Another good weather day in Aci Castello allowed Laurie to continue her labor of love on her "Hanging Gardens of Malibu".

Laurie had this to start with, typical potted plants that I completely neglected last year. 

The end of her first go around in the Garden.

Her roses will be in full bloom soon. 

The things you can find in the 99 Euro cent store to spruce up a Garden.

This jasmine already gives the Garden a very sweet aroma.
She may need a manicure after her attempt to become Mother Earth.

The Boot

The yellow boot you see on this car is being used just before a car is towed away.  We are seeing more and more of these all over town.  Our master parking plan for Catania is taking root.

My hat's off to SOStare for the GREAT job they are doing fighting crime in Sicily!

Claudio Mangano cut a dashing figure at practice Friday night.

Post Practice Birthday Party

We ambled our way up the foothills of Mt. Etna to the town of Viagrande to this former winery to celebrate the birthdays of Peppe and Valeria.  Above is a HUGE grape press, a remnant of the building former days.

The West Coast Elephants Plus One

Andrea, Alessio, Gianmarco, Francesca and Roberto

Laurie fighting the urge to guzzle wine straight from the cask.

The wine MUST be protected at all costs!

The Malibu crew with Peppe and Valeria

Gustavo is wild-eyed at the return of Elena from her studies in London!

Girl Talk

Tiziana Persano, Ika Gulisano and Laurie talked and laughed for a long time at the party. Tiziana's husband, Salvo, is one of our Wide Receivers while Ika's husband is Tony "The Pony" plays Falcon.

The Birthday Couple

They were unusually happy tonight and had a GREAT time from all I could see!

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