Thursday, April 9, 2009


In the late afternoon on Tuesday, we drove about 20 minutes south of Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the next stop on the "Romantic Road", the small village of Dinkelsbühl.  The drive took us through some more incredible country roads with every kind of serene pastoral scene your heart desires.

As always in these Bavarian towns, Dinkelsbühl's buildings were brightly painted and gave us a warm welcome.


The painting on this building next to the village's main church depicts a scene from Dinkelsbühl's history.  During the Thity Years War (1618-1648) the Swedish army was about to attack the village but the children of the village pleaded with the Swedes to spare the village and the Swedes indeed heeded their plea! 

The Bell Tower of the Münster St. Georg

This is Dinkelsbühl's main church.

"Katie, Bar the Door!!!"

Münster St. Georg can never have too much security when those crazy Swedes are in town!

Time to Reflect

After two and a half days of flying, driving and sight seeing, it was time to take a breath so we hung out at this pond just outside of Dinkelsbühl's City Wall.  It was very peaceful don't you think?

A beer didn't hurt the relaxation process.

These two villages, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsbühl at the "Romantic Road's" northern end are both great spots to visit.  If you only have a short time here then eliminate the stop in Dinkelsbühl.

On Wednesday morning we are going to stratostreak in a southernly direction on the Autobahn to Neuschwanstein to see "Mad" King Ludwig's Castle as well as the nearby Hohenschwangau Castle.  The advernture continues...

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