Friday, April 10, 2009

Driving in Germany

Driving in Germany is VERY different than driving in Sicily!

Here no one double parks much less triple parks keeping the traffic lanes wide open at all times.  No cars are parked on the sidewalk. Everyone picks a lane and pretty much stays in the middle of it.  The drivers actually give up the right of way to other drivers AND pedestrians.  They obey traffic laws.  Traffic moves smoothly at all times.

Now I ask you, what is the fun in all of this well organized, courteous driving?  Where is the thrill?  Where is the spirit of adventure that is the life blood of Sicilian driving? 

The World Famous German Autobahn

If there is adventure to be found driving in Germany it will happen on an Autobahn!

The speed limit signs up ahead say 120 kilometers, roughly 75 miles per hour.  I thought that was the maximum speed limit.  I soon came to the conclusion that it was more like the MINIMUM speed limit on these public motor speedways designed to hone your Grand Prix driving skills.

I stayed to the far right tooling along at a very pedestrian 140 kilometers per hour, about 86 miles per hour, not daring to get into the faster lanes too often for fear of being rear ended by cars going, I would guess, about 120 MILES per hour!!!

No joke...

Ah, the Romantic Road

Much more tranquil, a slow paced, two lane country road with tons of beauty all around.

The Romantic Road even has a "Beware of Frogs Crossing" sign

How Green can you get?

Tanks have their limits too!

Just outside of Dinkelsbühl, it was good to know that tanks driving down the Romantic Road have to obey their own set of speed laws too.

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