Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Lazy Day in Aci Castello

Not too much to report today, we started off the morning with another treacherous walk into the mean streets of Aci Castello.

Laurie and a street lamp pole

Notice that the cement pole has paint scratches as high as a foot over Laurie's head, a tribute to Catanese Driving Schools.

Why don't more Junior High Schools in America have cannons on their front steps like this one under repair in Aci Castello?

Nino Strano is running for a seat on the European Union's Council.

If I had Italian documents, I'd vote for this man, who has served faithfully in the Italian Senate,  AT LEAST three times in July!

Local Softball Players
Valeria Millesi, Pitcher and Adele Castorina, First Base

These two athletes workout for their Messina based team on Wednesday nights on the IV di Novembre softball field where we practice.  They both work VERY hard on their sport while we toil at ours.  I have got to see one of their games soon!

Our practice went well, spirits are high even though we are 0-2.  We will have another very tough game vs. the Bologna Warriors at home this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the Catania University Sportivo Stadium.


Anonymous said...


Is Nino Strano related to the handsome Peppe "Coppino" Strano?

If so, he has my vote too!


P. S. The Huskies started Spring Football this week.

George said...

The Senator is indeed Coppino's father!