Saturday, April 11, 2009

Innsbruck, Austria... OH MY!

Thursday was a VERY full day in Innsbruck!  The weather phenomenon known as "Hurricane Johnson" blew into Austria's  Tirolian Alps and the devastation is still being counted by Red Cross workers!

You are about to witness one of the longest blog posts in history but it is necessary to record as much as possible for posterity whenever you spend a day chasing the Hurricane!

Bathroom Window View of Götzens, Austria

We were all awakened by the pounding of hammers nearby at 7:00 a.m.  I went straight to the bathroom to see this view out the window behind the toilet.

If I was a lady I would learn how to pee standing up so as NOT to miss this view EVER!

Old Town Innsbruck

Housing on the Inn River

They like their buildings a little on the ornate side.

The Golden Roof

I originally called this the Golden Dome but have since been corrected by an Innsbruckian, it is the Golden Roof.

Easter Eggs

These are very beautifully hand painted and it is "VERBOTEN!" to use them ala Fiesta in Santa Barbara!!!



How about a delicious pretzel dough Easter Bunny?

Gingerbread Hearts with LOVE literally written all over them

Innsbruck's Number 1 Baker Man

Laurie is holding one of our man's dark Tirolean chocolate covered bananas.  It was DAMN good!  I felt my potassium levels rising as I ate part of  it.

A girl can NEVER have enough jewelry.

It sometimes seems that I spend most of our vacations watching Laurie buy trinkets like these.

Easter Flowers

Horse Drawn Carriage

We have seen so many of these rigs this week which leads me to the only possible conclusion.  These barbarians DON'T EAT HORSE MEAT! 

Pink Building

A splash of color never hurt anybody's downtown.

Those pesky Alps are EVERYWHERE you turn!

Just another VERY COOL sign!

A nice, bright shopping straße

Do you like the "ß"?  It is German for our letters "ss".  Don't ask questions, just go with it.

I would look SO GOOD in his cool outfit.

How to properly accessorize when you are riding your new red Vespa.

The Johnsons

Two high energy, non-stop, fun loving people.  We love them both!

Swarovski Crystal

Did I mention that the team that Matt, Jason and Christie work for, the Swarco Raiders, are owned by the same people that own the Swarovski Crystal Company?

We saw a great elephant crytal about the size of the swan you see here on sale for a paltry 4,000 Euros.  

Behind me is Innsbruck's City Tower

Built in 1450, it is ONLY a short climb up 148 steps to reach the viewing platform 31 meters above the Old Town.

The view was WELL WORTH the climb...
... Don't you think?

Sidewalk cafe' business was brisk on this warm spring day.

Just a fun view of the Platz below

With the Hurricane himself atop the City Tower

Axamer Lizum

The base of the Axamer Lizum Ski Resort

If this looks remotely familiar it may be because it served as the scene of the slalom races when Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1964 and again in 1976.

What could be better that a ride on a Funicular Railway up a steep mountain in the Tirolean Alps?

It was kind of like Angel's Flight in Los Angeles on steroids.


Snow Angels or Sun Bathing?  You decide.

Lunch in the spacious Hoadlhaus

Elevation 2,340 meters which equals 7,677 feet above sea level!  I hope you are not afraid of heights.

Two snow bunnies basking in the sun.

It's never too early to learn how to play strip poker.

"Damn It!  When am I going to learn to NEVER draw to an inside straight!!!"

Off with the chonies big boy!

The word "Majestic" comes to mind.

Three old friends

George, Matt and Jason

How about the phrase "Awe Inspiring"?

Works for me.

"Incredible" would suffice as well

I know this is almost the same shot as the one three pictures above but DAMN, isn't it just flat out a GREAT scene?


This great picture of the youngsters was taken by...

... MY right index finger!!!

Hall in Tirol

The Hurricane suddenly changed directions and it's eye centered on the village of Hall in Tirol.
We found this church, the Stadtpfarrkirche on the Pfarrplatz

The Stadtpfarrkirche has a cool entry way

It is also very interesting inside.

I love how the old building all tell you when they were built.

This one will be ONLY 453 years old on Tuesday.

One final night all out together

The four of us gathered for dinner Thursday night, our last one in Austria for dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant run by a very engaging and energetic young Turkish man.  I had what may have been the best pasta dish I've ever had!  Who would have guessed it?

The Future of Austria!

This picture of a passerby outside the restaurant was taken by one of Matt and Jason's teammates, Gonzalo.  He is originally from Chile who grew up in Canada, is VERY funny and is in his fourth season with the Raiders as a defensive lineman.

He could not resist taking this picture of one of the political bright lights on the Austrian Republic's horizon.


A toast to friendship!

The View from the Innsbruck City Tower


claud said...

George we wanna see YOU in the jump picture!!!

George said...

Avalanche issues were much more important in this situation.

Anonymous said...

nice blog and very interesting to read my hometown from another view :)

btw: the number one sight in innsbruck is NOT called the Golden DOME, but the Golden ROOF (or "Goldenes Dachl" like we Austrians call it). (just for your interest ;) )

keep up your good work.

George said...

The Golden Roof makes PERFECT sense! I was misinformed, thanks for the correction, I'll change the blog today.

susanjane said...

I viewed the photos of the concentration camp and I felt tearful. It doesn't matter how many times you read or see on a movie, you never get de-sensitized. On the other hand, your Austria photos were so beautiful and relaxing. Thanks for sharing. susanjane