Monday, April 13, 2009

An Easy Walk in Catania

Pasquetta Monday was a pleasant easy going day for us.  Paul went on yet another of his hard core  Camino de Santiago training sessions, about six hours this time.

We decided to DRIVE to Catania and walk around a quiet and somewhat deserted town on this Italian National Holiday to see things we normally don't.

Talk about "Old School"

The Eagle Has Landed

St. Jacob guarding the Duomo

Commie Bastardos!

After walking a grueling 800 meters it was time for a break!

The bar at the Agora Hotel was the perfect spot.

The Greco-Roman Odeon, ca. 415 B.C.

Laurie by the Odeon's outer wall.

Are all of these construction materials
up to code?

Moss on church steps
How dirty was this dish towel BEFORE they washed it?

Statues at the entrance to the
Villa Bellini Gardens

The Villa Bellini Gardens

They were closed all last season for restoration, the Gardens turned out to be a great place for a stroll with a cute girl on your arm.

Say again?

I now know where to go to complain if I have a bad experience in a Thai restaurant.

Queen Anne's Lace

The Fountain by the Train Station

Sant' Agata Statue erected in 1744

Men playing cards

Big Surf at the Baia Verde Hotel

Cool Lava Rock Formation

It is so nice to be able to drive into Catania, find a parking spot and walk around without any crowds.  It was very relaxing walking around town at a leisurely pace today.


Paul said...

Ciao All!
Clarification #2 from Paul, the "wayward walker". The last time I coached in Europe, 2002 for the Raiders in Austria, I came home as the team entered the playoffs: to get surgery for a herniated disk. During the 14 hour flight home I pondered whether my paralized left leg would ever allow me to walk again. Surgery the day after arrival home and extensive, continuous rehab and walkng have me appreciating very much my hiking and walking, plus coaching football again! Now, "You have the rest of the story". I used to run for thefun of it, but now I actually can take photos and stop to talk to people at times, and not worry about a PR.
My walk eEaster Sunday was to Capo Molini, a beautiful fishing and "restaurant " port to the north of Aci Trezza, and then the following day to another fishing port called Santa Maria La Scala servicing Aci Reale 7 K farthernorth. My gao id to hike to the rim of Etna during the summer after our season. Paul

George said...

Etna is still just a tune-up for the Camino de Santiago in Spain later this summer if you ask me!