Sunday, April 5, 2009


Guten Morgen a Tutti

That can't be right...

For our first of our two BYE weeks, we travel to Germany, the city of Munich which is the capital of Bavaria.  In order to do this we had to ask Paul to drive the car back from the airport in order to save us about 42 Euros in long term parking fees.  He was apprehensive about his second shot behind the wheel since he arrived in Catania because of the potential Catania downtown traffic and the fact that he was not 100% sure of how to get back to Malibu when he was not on foot.  We hope he got back safe and sound and did not abandon the car somewhere along the way.  Fortunately for him, the traffic was very light on the drive to the airport. 

At the Munich airport we were treated to strange sights never to be seen in Italy . . . FREE coffee stands with all the accessories, not one but two English language newspapers, including Paul's beloved USA TODAY, also for FREE!

First Stop, "The Mietwagen"

Why does the Beavis and Butthead side of me come out at the sight of the German translation for the word "Exit"?

Outdoor Eatery near our Hotel Deutsches Theater

München Shopping Strasse

Sadly, it was Sunday night and all the stores were closed so Laurie could not buy anything.

Bavarian Architecture is definitely different from Catania's

Cool shades on Laurie's new friend

Munich's New Town Hall on the Marienplatz

Street Signs

On every single street corner in this entire city they have signs like this one CLEARLY telling you the names of both streets at an intersection . . . this idea just might catch on in the rest of the world!

Munich's Hofbräuhaus

According to Rick Steves, this was one of the first places that Adolf Hitler spoke in public to try and gain support for his Nazi Party.  We came for the food and beer, mostly the beer.

The Traditional Oompahpah Band

The ornate Hofbräuhaus ceiling

Let the fun begin!

The Original Münchner Weisswurste

Veal sausage with incredibly good brown honey mustard!

A liter or two is good for the soul...

... but four or five may be a problem.

Our server, Greta

I have got to get me one of these outfits!

Munich's name is supposedly derived from the monks who lived here centuries ago.

Enjoy the Oompahpah Band, we sure did!


Claud said...

great fun post.

-get one of those traditional outfits and take a picture in it.
-tell me that the guy in the red tshirt did not pass out but was just looking for something that he lost under the table.

keep having fun,we're tryin to heal our souls here too.

Andrew said...

But how many beers could the waitress hold at one time? And did you make that order in keeping with the Las Vegas family tradition?

Jeen and I are jealous!

Careful of the aftershocks.

George said...

Passed out and he was American too, imagine that!

What aftershocks?

Andrew said...

The central Italy earthquake you just missed.

Anonymous said...


Ah, the Haufbrau House. What great memories, like the time that I carried Mike D'Antuono out of that joint over my shoulder.