Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday in Aci Castello

Easter Sunday in Aci Castello was greeted by the worst rain storm I've experienced in my two seasons in Sicily.  Thunder, lightening, downpour, heavy rain, steady rain and just plain rain.

It turned out to be perfect weather for Paul to take one of his four hour walks and test the water-proofness of his new camera.  We opted to stay dry.

This brings us to an interesting Elephant team bonding decision that we came to after practice on Saturday at the Etoil d'Or.  The Elephants want to sponsor Paul on a trip to Spain to walk the famous Camino de Santiago.  It is considered to be Europe's best pilgrimage route and runs from east to west through northern Spain from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela.  This walk covers 780 kilometers which equals 485 miles.  Traditionally, a pilgrim did this walk barefoot but that is a very rare occurence now.  On foot, the average pilgrim makes it in about 32 days.  The Elephants believe that with encouragement and continued training Paul can do it in 21 days or less!  What do you think?

Wild Flowers for Easter

Wisteria blooming everywhere

Both of these sunny flower shots were taken on Saturday when the sun was shining.

Easter Egg Tree

I did venture out onto Via dei Malavoglia, our street, looking for some wild flowers for Laurie's Easter Egg Tree.  Yellow flowers were at a premium, rain was not, it was the best I could do.

Our Easter Feast is now ready for consumption.

Dessert Table

What's in the bright colored tin foil that Paul bought?

Why it's a chocolate Easter Egg the size of a football!

It is hollow, delicious and has a prize inside.  They sell these by the thousands at Easter time in Italy and give them insead of baskets.

Paul's Surprise

A World Wrestling Entertainment figure of Rob van Dam.  It wouldn't be Easter without one of these!

Pound Cake, Strawberries and Paul's Chocolate Egg 

The dessert topped off the GREAT dinner that Laurie prepared for us.  We enjoyed the day but really missed our family and friends back home on this special day.

Today is a National Holiday in Italy, another day to be with family and friends.


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