Thursday, April 9, 2009

München Day II

First, thanks to all of you who e-mailed me your concerns for our safety after the horrible earthquake in L'Aquila.  Fortunately, we were in Munich, Germany when the quake hit and Catania was spared as it is several hundred miles from the epicenter.  The Elephants are safe!

I have not been able to get to the blog for a few days because of my inability to upload pictures, no pictures = no blog for me!

I thought we would just review our Germay /Austria trip city by city in the next few posts as I have a LOT to tell you about.  Germany is WONDERFUL, it is one continous picture postcard.

Some of our Day II highlights in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, were....


They have Churches here

And Office Buildings

No building in Munich may be built that is taller than the Frauenkirche Cathedral's twin towers that are the symbol of the city on the left.

More churches...

... and more churches...

... and EVEN more churches


Billed as Germany's answer to the Smithsonian Museum, The Deutches Museum had great Maritime and Flight exhibits.

Laurie and an Irish Curragh

This style of fishing boat was popular on Ireland's River Boyne.

The African Queen?

Germany's First U-Boat from World War I

The U-1's Torpedo Room

Did Laurie just give her heart to a deep sea diver?


ALWAYS bring your favorite stuffed toy to ANY museum visit!

Shouldn't this be hanging from the ceiling at Chuy's in Camarillo?

Sweet memories of Venice!

A World War I German Fokker

Germany's World War II Messerschmitt 109

Germany's early attempt at jet propulsion,
the Messerschmitt Me 262

A German V-1 Rocket, a.k.a., a "Buzz Bomb"

Didn't Indiana Jones have to fly this on his escape from China?

A boy and his Junkers

This kite reminded me of Koreen...

... and this ceramic piece reminded me of me!

Golden clocks in the museum's History of Measurement section.

A very cool Grim Reaper clock


This is the largest park in all of Europe.  It was a warm spring Tuesday and many people were starting to reacquaint themselves with the English Garden after a long winter.

You can sit, read and enjoy both nature and your dog.

Or you can have a family picnic by the Isar River and watch...

... the ducks

Or you can sunbathe in the nude.

There is a lot of this going on in the English Garden, get used to it.

Or you can build a funky bird house.

Or you can ride a horse.

Or you can ride in a horse drawn carriage.

As for us, we opted to eat at the English Garden's Chinese Tower beer garden which has seating for 6,000 people!

This Greek Temple sits on a hill that affords you a great view of Munich and the English Garden.

The Greek Temple's spectacular ceiling.

Munich was TREMENDOUS!  We enjoyed it greatly and will return for one more day on Friday before flying back to Catania.

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