Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Murgo Winery

Tuesday was another rainy day in Catania so the we decided to go with Paul for a short drive into the Mt. Etna foothills for some indoor recreation.

But first...

Monday night after practice Larry and Arturo came over to Malibu to take a warm shower as their water heater has died and the new one will be here any Italian day now.

The Ivy Covered Chiesa San Vito

You run into small buildings like this all over the many little villages that dot Mt. Etna's base.  They never cease to interest me.

The Murgo Winery

I first discovered this delightful winery in the town of Santa Venerina last June with Mark and Susie Johnson.


For a very reasonable price we were served a complete lunch consisting of the antipasto plates you see here, two large plates of pasta, a platter of meats that we could not finish, some of Murgo's fine prosecco, two bottles of Murgo Etna Rosso wine, caffe´ and a great combination dessert and fresh fruit plate.  WOW!

The future of the Murgo Winery

Cool guys hard at work processing new bottles of
Murgo Prosecco

On our way down the mountain to the sea, we were suddenly caught up in Santa Venerina's World Famous...
... Running of the Goats!!!

It was touch and go there for awhile!

Their horns looked razor sharp and they seemed to be in a foul mood indeed!!!

Fortunately for all of us their friendly goat herder had the situation under control.


Paul's Campsite at Santa Maria La Scala

When the weather is a little better, Paul is going to use this campground overlooking the Ionian Sea coast as his base station for his hike up the eastern slope of Mt. Etna.  Again, this is a just a warm-up exercise for his real goal, Spain's Camino de Santiago later this summer.


DPLassen said...

Over and under on the water heater: four days. (If it was internet access, it would be four months.)

And I think the Running of the Goats is just about perfect for you, unless you find a place with the Running of the Tabbies.

George said...

I'll take the overs thank you.

The Running OVER the Tabbies could be a good nickname for our street.

Il Capo said...

water heater fixed in two days, new washing machine on his way to be deleivered... DPLASSEN would probably better re-evaluating italian efficiency!

George said...

I'll believe it when the boys say it all actually happened.

George said...

According to reliable sources who wish to be anonymous, all the repairs at the boss' house were fixed in UNDER 4 DAYS!