Sunday, June 22, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Upon my return from the greater Tuscany megalopolis Thursday evening, I decided that Friday would be a great day to just vegetate at Malibu.

While doing three loads of laundry, you must remember that our washing machine takes a minimum of two hours to do one load, I lounged and watched three movies on DVD.

First I went with Laurie's favorite comedy, "Some Like It Hot".

I followed that up with a so-called cult classic, "Bubba Ho-tep", Maybe they meant the Manson Family cult, it was strange to say the least.

The last film up for review was "Casablanca". Now THAT'S what I call a movie!!!

Padre Pio

This one is for Michael Contreras.

Padre Pio, seen in the picture above, was a 20th Century Italian Cappuchin priest who bore the stigmata and became a hero to Italian Catholics. For Craig Slavin, the stigmata means that he sported the wounds in his hands, feet and side that were inflicted on Christ during His crucifixion. And yes Craig, I know it wasn't you guys... it was the Italians!

Padre Pio was a priest for 58 years and died in 1968 at the age of 81. He was granted sainthood in 2002 by Pope John Paul II. 

In the latest Italian Religious Power Rankings (IRPR) released last January, Jesus Christ is, as usual, a solid #1, followed by the Blessed Virgin Mary at #2. Padre Pio is in third place right now, far ahead of 4th ranked St. Francis of Assisi and gaining ground on the BVM very rapidly!

Watch out for Padre Pio who some have mistaken for another saint, Pope Pius X. At his current pace he might move into the #2 slot in the next IRPR due to be released in January of 2009.

Yacht Time

While we awaited the outcome of the Bolzano vs. Bologna game Saturday night, we sat around Malibu just watching life sail by.


We did schedule a practice for Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and predictably only 18 players showed up.

Instead of the practice we had planned, we turned it over to Brandon Bennett who you may recall hails from San Diego, California. He came up with the idea to play an ancient Aztec inspired ball game that he had researched as a small child (Brandon, small?) as a team building activity.

In an act of extreme diplomacy, Brandon purposely avoided any mention of the loping off the heads of the losers at the end of the game. I hope the Aztec gods will still smile on us despite this flagrant breech of Meso-American etiquette.

Fuzzy Concepts

Apparently it was hard for Brandon to translate the obscure Aztec language into the much more popular Italian we try to speak here. As a result there was some confusion as to what to do if the football suddenly was airborne.

J.J. Interprets

Ever the leader, Jason Johnson stepped in to demonstrate to the other Elephants what to do in case the ball is thrown to you, GO AND CATCH IT!

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