Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aci Castello's Parrucchiere per Uomo

Translated into English, Barbershop for Men, although I did see one woman getting her hair cut one time months ago.

When I first got here back in January, I needed to find a trustworthy place to manicure this fine crop of hair (singular?) I'm sporting.

"Mr. Aci Castello", Gustavo Bonnano, promptly called his barber and got me an appointment at Parrucchiere per Uomo with his barber, who is also the owner, Luigi.

On my first visit, Luigi looked at my hopeless situation and quickly passed me off to his assistant, Giorgio. Sharing the same name quickly formed a bond between us during that first tonsorial adventure.

Giorgio checked out the lay of the land and asked me how long I would be living in Aci Castello. After replying that I would be here for 7 months, his response, in decent English, was "I have a plan...".  GAME ON!

The haircuts and beard trims have all been good and Luigi himself even took a stab at taming my mane at one juncture.

What I've enjoyed the most about my trip to this parrucchiere on my monthly visits are the people who hang out there and are always laughing and having a good time. I only catch about every fourth word or phrase but they use the universal Italian hand gestures and they do laugh a lot!

Luigi and Giorgio are constantly bantering back and forth and the crowd of people getting their haircut, waiting to get their haircut or just hanging out makes it a happening, not just a haircut. Because of all of these antics, a haircut, like everything else in Italy takes a long time but it is always worth it for the laughs. I always leave feeling sharp and with a big smile on my face. 


The outside of the Parrucchiere per Uomo is simple and does not foretell of the fun to be found inside.

Three Thumbs Up for Giorgio's Master Plan

The veteran Luigi, who flew to Chicago a couple of months ago to partake in an international hairstyling contest, is on the left and the young Master Strategist, Giorgio, is on the right.

Oh, to have their hair to work with!!!

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