Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meeting Vanessa and Mike in Tuscany

Today is June 6... as in 06/19... as in, 619... as in Ronnie Jenkins... THANKS for the MEMORIES.


In Florence, the driving was jammed beyond all belief. My favorite was an intersection where 3 streets holding 3 lanes each had to merge into one 3 lane street, that's NINE lanes merging down to THREE. You needed a maestro to make this work more smoothly.

I joined our son, Mike and his brand new fiancee', Vanessa, in Florence and we decided to drive into the hills of Tuscany on Wednesday.

All Roads Lead to the Palio in Siena

Three HAPPY GO LUCKY Wanderers

Time for lunch in a wine cellar in Siena!

Of course we drank some Chianti with our lunch in Siena!

Sea Serpent Light Pole in Siena

Gelato anyone?

They will run the July 2nd Palio in this very same square in Siena, looks peaceful now but you just wait.

St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena Basilica


Vineyards Galore!

Maybe you are getting tired of the beauty of Tuscany?

We only bought TWO bottles.

Mike pondering all the possibilities...


"The Hills Are Alive..."

Young Love

On the Ponte Vecchio in Florence over the Arno River

The Medusa loses her head.

Brunelleschi's Dome in Florence

They appear to be quite happy together here at a late night dinner in Florence at the Trattoria Za-ZA.


Is that yet ANOTHER gelato I spy?


DPLassen said...

Ooh, Trattoria ZaZa. That's a good thing.

And gelato from the place by the Ponte Vecchio, that's even better.

So are you doing the Cinquecento tour on this visit to Florence?

George said...

I'm Ga-Ga- for Za-ZA!

Gelato from just about anywhere in Italy is pretty good when you get right down to it.

I know, I know... as we say here in Italy, the three of us in a Cinquecentro was EEMPOSSIBLE!!!