Friday, June 13, 2008

A Night Out in the Aci's

After a very nice day at Malibu for me and at Playa Beach for the Johnson Clan, we migrated to the upper patio for snacks and several bottles of fermented grape drinks as we watched the afternoon melt into evening.

Sooner or later it was bound to happen, someone mentioned dinner. We proceeded to board Jim's roomy VW Golf diesel rental car and headed to Aci Trezza in search of Jim and Holly's first Sicilian late night dining experience. After cruising the hamlet, we decided that the ONLY place for them on this special occasion was really in neighboring Aci Castello at Al Tubo's.

Now I know what you are thinking, didn't you just say in your last post that you had lunch today at Al Tubo's with Bill and Karen Alge? Well, yes I did eat a plate of Spaghetti with shrimp and asparagus sauce, but what's your point, good food is good food!

It is also true that Christie, Jason and I ate dinner at Al Tubo's the night before, with me ordering a delicious plate Spaghetti al Nero.


As I have stated many times before, the best thing about my Sicilian experience has been the people we have met. At Al Tubo's Ristorante we usually get waited on by our friend Giuseppe seen here with Jim and Holly.

Giuseppe went WAY out of his way tonight once he found out that we had been joined by Jason's parents. After ordering our dinners, the four cheese pizza for me featuring a heavy dose of gorgonzola, Giuseppe started bring us free and completely unanticipated culinary delights.

First he brought out a plate of delicious mussels followed in short order by an order of bruschetta. When our meals arrived he brought out a plate of seasoned potatoes for the ladies to go with their fabulous swordfish. After dinner he brought them two tangy limone sorbettos.

Now some may chalk this up to an incredibly nice man doing what he does. Me, I think he was just trying to weave his magic like Al Tubo has undoubtedly taught him to win the hearts of our two heroines! I saw right through him!!!

We did get to witness Al Tubo's departure in a very large silver Land Rover. In days of yore families would build churches or towers as a sign of power and wealth. Today the size of your chariot fulfills the same societal role. Al is a mogul in these parts! I'm sure he was leaving the ritorante early for a late night love tryst in some romantic beach bungalow.

Young Love in Full Bloom

Father and Son

After dinner we headed back to Aci Trezza in search of another dessert. The Johnson's went for the Nutella crepe at Michael's on the seaside mini-piazza.

Jason dubbed my dining efforts today
"The Sicilian Triple Double"

As for me, my sweet tooth once again craved a cioccolata e mandorla granita at Mythos. What the hell, I went for it! So today I had my favorite Mythos granita at breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is the "Triple" part of the equation.

Of course the "Double" refers to my eating both lunch and dinner at Al Tubo's, unfortunately they are not open for breakfast.

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