Sunday, June 29, 2008

Capo Mulini Sunday

NEWS FLASH: This just in from Vienna, Spain beats Germany 1-0 to win the 2008 UEFA Euro Cup Championship. It was Spain's first Euro Cup title sine 1964!

1-0... imagine that

Today was another scorcher in Aci Castello, so we accepted Claudio (starting CB) and Roberta's offer to join them at our starting center, Gili's beach house in nearby Capo Mulini. It was a must on a day like today.


A Cassetta

At Capo Mulini we went straight to a private beach surrounded by these Cassettas that surround the small harbor/beach.

A Rocky Beach

In Sicily there are two types of beaches, traditional sandy ones like in California and rocky, volcanic ones like the one at Capo Mulini. The five towels to the middle right of the picture are ours. Note the perfect alignment of our towels in respect to the sun's powerful rays.

Sea Life

The little inlets in the rocks make a perfect spot for sea flora to flourish.

Our beach was teeming with all sorts of flora and fauna.

Nazi World War II Pill Box

Amongst this fun and tranquil scene was this grim reminder that things were not always so smooth in Sicily. This machine gun turret is actually in a cassetta's back yard between the cassetta and the spectacular view of the Ionian Sea.

The gang in the old swimming hole.

Dive In, The Water Is FINE!

Two options here, climb to the top of the rocks and jump in or dive in from the lower walkway. I opted for the lower walkway SEVERAL times in order to cool off. The water was PERFECT!

A RARE sighting of a Cuban Sea Otter

Cute isn't he?

Gelato/Granita Stand on wheels

When he blew his whistle we all came a running! It was hot so I ordered both a gelato and a granita.

This view is for you Vanessa.

The "Love Couple" after another hard day at the beach.

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