Monday, June 30, 2008

Heather Linderman Ad of the Day

Today's Ad is from the Sicily Tourism Board.

The slogan is a simple one,

Come to Sicily,
Beautiful Sea...

The choice for you today is to pick which of these two pictures of the fabulous Sicilian Super Model, Roberta D'antona, you think would best fit the mood and spirit of this summer's tourist attracting campaign?

Option 1


Option 2


DPLassen said...

I believe the phrase "You can't go wrong either way" was made for a situation like this.

While you're lying on the beach, I'm watching people go around in circles in 97-degree heat at the Olympic Track Trials in Eugene, Ore. (Yes, 97 in Eugene.) Life's just not fair ... although I did see two of the fastest 100-meter dashes of all time.

mdantuono said...

I thinks she has to be a distant relative of my family. I am so proud to be an Italian. Nice tan. MD'Antuono

George said...


Your "vote" in an election year was priceless but true!

What if it is Parma (Corey Mazza) vs. Catania in the finals at Cattolica.

Then will they send you to cover the BIG game with Ventura County connections?

George said...


I believe that Roberta does claim Caltanisetta as her birthplace but I could be wrong.

DPLassen said...

I'll ask about covering the finals when I get back from the track trials.

This will probably happen about 8 p.m. Wednesday, your time. Cup your ear in our direction and you'll probably be able to hear me being laughed out of the office.

George said...


Great things ONLY come as a result of BOLD actions...GO FOR IT!!!