Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Claudio Mangano

Claudio "The Sheriff" Mangano

Claudio is our handsome, devil-may-care, smooth talking Wide Receiver with the gorgeous girlfriend, Roberta. In our game last Saturday night in Bologna during the 1st Quarter, he made a great, bone jarring tackle in the end zone after we threw a 4th down interception.

Unfortunately, it was HIS bones that got jarred, a broken nose to be exact. "Il Naturale" as he is known in the golf world finished the game and even made his seasonal debut at Cornerback in the 4th Quarter! Team mates at our video session tonight told us that he looked MUCH worse yesterday.

...and After

The guy in the background has been stalking me for days now at the beach we frequent. Christie has my back on this one.

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