Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sicilian Road Rally

The sun came up early on Wednesday and invited me to take part in a great Sicilian Road Rally. Leaving Aci Castello's Malibu complex at 8:45 a.m., the first stop was Taormina to the north to pick up our Happy Wanderer, Paul Petrich.

I am happy to report that Taormina is still standing, having survived Paul's full frontal attack!

On the flip side, Taormina is no longer the quaint, sleepy hill top town I first discovered in January, the tourist season has definitely started!!!

Traveling Light!

Paul is in Europe for FIVE WEEKS and these two bags comprise his ENTIRE luggage set! A seasoned veteran of world wide travel, he would bring a smile to Rick Steves' face with his packing methods.

Laurie and Koreen are you listening?

This was Paul as he was about to enter his new digs, Dolce Vita B&B near the crystal clear water in Cefalu'.

I drove Paul up the east coast of Sicily to Messina. We actually missed the onramp to the autostrada in Taormina and drove along the two lane coast road for about 30 minutes accidently discovering a couple of very interesting beach cities along the way.

Once back on the autostrada, we zipped along at about 2,000 miles per hour trying to keep up with the Vespas on the road. After Messina, the autostrada turned west as we drove along the north coast of the island to Paul's next destination, the beautiful beach city of Cefalu' on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Il Covo del Pirata

The Malibu crowd has a favorite restorante in Cefalu', Il Covo del Pirata. It sits abot 30 feet over the water and has very good food to boot.

Paul opted for the spaghetti with sardines while I stuck to my penne with gorgonzola and prisciutto crudo.

Notice how I have artfully put myself in the picture in the reflection in the window. The masters of Italian art would be proud!

Two Gentlemen From California

A little wine after lunch is a good thing.

Paul, Paul, Paul...

Interestingly, our waitress who took the previous picture wanted me to take one of her and Paul.

Paul was so excited that when he sat back down he hit the table and spilled a full glass of water on my lap, NO JOKE! Thank God the wine was saved.


Cefalu' was also MUCH busier than in past off-season visits. As beautiful as it is can you blame visitors for flocking here?

Aci Trezza Nightlife

Even our nearby home bases is much changed as it prepares for the summer onslaught.

After a defensively well attended practice for once, we got a pizza in Aci Castello and then drove over to Aci Trezza for a granita. Both towns have opened new places to nosh and my granita plans got interrupted by Michael's Crepe stand. Nutella crepe anyone?

Note Jason in the background ordering what turned out to be a very solid chicken panino in the background after already consuming a very large margherita pizza 10 minutes ago...THAT'S MY BOY!!!

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Unknown said...

Hello from Calgary,
(secondary home of the 2007 CFL Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders)

I want to confirm that the IFL season runs from March to July???

I have family near Ancona and will be there this Aug-Sept. Seems I'm never in Italy at the right time to catch a game! Managgia!

Cheers, Angela