Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday in Caltagirone and Cefalu'

Monday saw the dawn of another beautiful and hot (39 degrees Celsius!!!) day in Sicilia. We opted to drive to the ceramics capital of Sicily, the small hilltop town of Caltagirone and then head up to the northern coast of Sicily to one of my favorite Sicilian haunts, the resort town of Cefalu'.

Ceramic Artwork is Everywhere in Caltagirone

They makes young lovers like these two swoon apparently.

Don Quixote meets Mark Johnson

"Unchain My Heart..."

If you ever wondered where the above line from the old Ray Charles hit song came from, the answer is Caltagirone!

On the light poles on this Caltagirone bridge, people in love sign a padlock and pledge their undying love for each other by adding it to one's left by other couples.

In Sicily, old men are always gathering in piazzas to talk about any and everything.

I loved the character in this man's face in Caltagirone.

A Good Vespa Dies Hard...
With a Vengeance!

At Caltagirone's famous Scala Santa Maria del Monte

Note that every step has different tile work.

A quite pleasant looking artisan applying her craft.

It is SO much fun meeting the people of Sicily!

This is Salvatore who owns the 3 story house behind him. He worked for 35 years in Germany to be able to afford this home with a view. Salvatore was a warm and pleasant guy we just ran into as we roamed the streets of Caltagirone.

Scala Santa Maria del Monte Tiles

One of several Catholic Churches in Caltagirone

Reportedly a Bechtel Corporation project in Caltagirone.


Tatting some lace in Cefalu'

The lady on the left is 77 years young while her co-worker is a spry 81!

Some passageways were really not intended for me but I made it!

The Love Couple with Cefalu's Tyrrhenian Sea  in the background.

Sail Away...

Cefalu's Cathedral

The view of Cefalu' from a distance.

At least they ARE pro-union!

Dinner at Nino Mannino's ends a perfect day in Sicilia!

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