Thursday, June 5, 2008

NEWS FLASH and The Gambino Winery


Recent Cal State University - Channel Islands graduate, Michael Contreras, has asked Vanessa Perez to marry him.

After much deliberation she said YES!

What is it about the Contreras boys, women and Europe?

Mike and Vanessa at the 2007 Rio Mesa H.S. Christmas Party

The Ventura Harbor in the background

What to wear?

It is a long story, but in TRUE Catania Elephant wedding dress tradition, I have already decided what to wear to both of our son's upcoming weddings. My buddy Mark Johnson, no relation to Jason, is modeling the orange outfit that I'll wear to Mike and Vanessa's wedding while I am wearing the more sedate purple suit for Andy and Jenn's nuptials.

Today was an overcast day in Aci Castello, so instead of going to the beach as usual, we decided to go wine tasting. We opted for the Gambino Winery in Linguaglossa high up on the north side of Mt. Etna.

The Gatekeeper

On the way up Mt. Etna, we had the same one car train cross our road three different times as it too wound it's way up the volcano. The crossing gates are hand operated by men and women like this man who spends his day in this small building waiting all day for another chance to weave his safety magic.

The Gambino Winery

No, I don't think this is part of THAT Gambino family but who knows!

The Grounds

The upper portion of the winery is very well kept and adds to the experience.

Peaceful, don't you think?


As this laborer can surely attest, drinking the wine is easy, producing the wine is not.

Jason NOT mugging for the camera

I think this is only my second picture of Jason alone not striking one of his "J Twice" poses. They are my two favorite pictures of him.

Fabio our wine steward at the Gambino Winery

Fabio spoke great English and was very knowledgeable about wine.

The Wines

We tasted a total of five wines, 2 whites and 3 reds. We all liked the first white wine we tasted, the Tifeo Etna Bianco. It was similar to a Pinot Grigio and I bought 3 bottles of it but none of them will reach California once Laurie gets to Malibu.

The Gambino Vineyard

The Future of the Gambino Winery


DPLassen said...

Congratulations to the newly engaged and their families!

On a wholly unrelated note, my brother (who works for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad) is going to be quite dismayed you didn't take even one picture of the train when you met it three times.

George said...

Thank you David!

Laurie and I are really excited about the prospect of both boys getting married in the next year or so.

That sucker was just moving too damned fast, believe me, I tried!

It was just one car, a trolly like contraption. The sun got in my eyes, the dog was barking, Mt. Etna was exploding, I had malaria...