Thursday, May 8, 2008

News from Catania

First, when my son Andy and his fiancee, Jenn, left Rome to go back home to Las Vegas last month, they left me their copy of Fodor's "Italy 2008" guidebook.

While leafing through it this morning I found this note on Catania under their "If You Like Nightlife" section:
"Catania, Sicily. Many tourists think of the island's youngest and liveliest city as dirty and dangerous, but it's neither. Catania has become a nerve center of youth culture in southern Italy, with an exploding live music scene, micro-brewed beer, and nightclubs to rival those of the cities of the north without the exclusivity."

Fodor's only lists two other cities in ALL of Italy in this "If You Like Nightlife" section, the Isle of Capri and Rimini in Emilia-Romagna!

We reached a new milestone in Catania driving today! Our internet is still down at home so Jason and I drove in very early in the morning to the Elefanti War Room to Skype call friends on our computers and to catch up on the blogs and e-mails. As we drove in I decided to pass, on the left, a slow moving, 3 wheeled, glorified golf cart/Vespa that is often used in hauling produce to market. Imagine my mild surprise as I was passed by another car on my left at the same time! My first ever Catanian three car-double pass maneuver executed with precision of Formula One drivers!!!

It's Time For The...
Heather Linderman Ad of the Day Contest

Our first entry is from Corniglia in the Cinque Terre.

Being Cuban American I am partial to this ad for the Habana Taxi Company, we're EVERYWHERE!

Johnson? Catania?

Jason is a MASTER at Marketing!


My parents were both 100% Cuban citizens in 1947 when I was born in Long Beach, California. This, at birth, made me both a Cuban citizen under Cuban Law and a United States citizen under American Law, i.e., I have dual citizenship. I have always been very interested in Cuban life, politics, music and culture because of this.

Imagine the joy in my heart when I found out that this great new film on life in Cuba was showing here in Catania!

Can anybody give me directions to the Cinema Sarah? I don't want to miss this epic documentary!



Unknown said...

Although technically not an advertisement, I'm going to have to vote for the big pigeon. He is advertising flying at the Pisa airport, is he not????


The Lindermans said...

GEORGE!!! Sorry man, I am not waiting for ANY other votes....the Johnson/Catania ad wins HANDS DOWN (sorry, Cuba). My name might be Heather Linderman, but for the first 23 years of my life, it was Heather Johnson....and there is no ignoring the power of JOHNSON!!! :) I will always be a Johnson at heart (like the other 2.4 billion Johnsons out there) and I am marketing is my profession, so J might not be the only Johnson getting our name out there....


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I vote for the film. Who doens't love a theater named Sarah?

Sarah G