Saturday, May 10, 2008

Canadian Invasion

After practice Thursday night, Jason and Christie drove the two hours west to the Palermo Airport to pick up their two friends Dale and Wei who are from Canada. By the time they got back to Catania it was about 3:00 a.m.

Friday morning  we started our "New Visitors Tour" with a walk to Aci Trezza to see the core of our daily lives.

Dale and Wei are both EXCELLENT professional photographers and it is fun to hear them talk about their art and realize how much I have to learn to just be a competent amatuer photographer. They are both fun loving and funny!

The day MUST start with granita at Mythos!

From left to right: Jason, Dale, Wei and Christie

The Ionian Sea gets better as it gets warmer.

Aci Trezza's harbor island

The Booming Metropolis of Aci Trezza

Aci Trezza is noted for being on the cutting edge of hearse technology.

With the International Opening of the Boating Season scheduled for this Wednesday, sailors all over the world are making last minute preparations to their vessels.

Anchors Aweigh!

Tools of boat care

Your propellors must be in working order at all times.

The somewhat lost art of Sicilian boat painting.

The man to the left in the blue shirt proceeded to tell me all about the artisan working on the boat you see here. Traditionally, Sicilians would decorate their fishing boats in the manner you see in these pictures. According to my "Boat Art Guide", the man doing the painting is one of the very last men still using the old, laborious techniques. Most boats now are just painted one or two bright colors without all the additional art work. It was great to see an artist at work on his "canvas". 

I like the bright colors and the "sea horses".


It's all in the details!

Aci Trezza

Another afternoon on Malibu's upper patio.

The perfect ending to another perfect day with the sea, new friends and some spirits.

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