Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Elephants Win Again!

Our game Saturday against the Ancona Doves was a great team effort with all three phases, i.e., offense, defense and the kicking game showing up to play on the same day for once. The result was a 48-14 win for the Elephants.

By Quarters, the scoring went like this:

1st Quarter Catania 7 – Ancona 0

2nd Quarter Catania 27 – Ancona 6

3rd Quarter Catania 41 – Ancona 14

4th Quarter Catania 48 – Ancona 14

We had to start the game 15 minutes early, at 2:45 p.m., because the refereeing crew had to drive the two hours to Palermo after our game to work the Bergamo vs. Sharks game at 8:00 p.m.

In Italy, the refs are under the mistaken, perhaps lost in translation, notion that any incomplete pass of over 20 yards must be due to pass interference! I will continue to help them learn the rules on the fly. By the way, you will not find better refs anywhere in America at keeping the coaches and players in the sideline box, that is one rule they have down pat!!!

Offensively, we were somewhat methodical due to a very good swarming Dolphin defense led by two American LB’s from Wisconsin and Notre Dame, one with some NFL experience with the N.Y. Jets. Most of our drives were of the multi-play variety including two 12 play scoring drives with several third and fourth down conversions. Jason was hot again throwing 5 TD passes, 4 to Matt and 1 to Claudio, and he threw a 2 point conversion pass to Claudio as well. The 8 points Claudio scored made Roberta very proud indeed! Our other offensive TD came on another fine run by our workhorse running back, Enrico Lombardo. In the fourth quarter, we threw zero passes to let Enrico and Ricky have some fun carrying the ball and to get the refs to Palermo on time.

Andrea Mannino did a fantastic job kicking off and we were EXCELLENT in kickoff coverage pinning the Dolphins deep in their end of the field all day, their average starting field position after our kick offs was the -17 yard line. Pepe Strano has been a big addition to this very important Special Team!

I know you may be thinking we are missing 1 TD in the offensive/kicking game report. That is because we scored on defense! DE Fabio Scuto recovered a fumble in their end zone for a TD in the fourth quarter. We also had a pair of interceptions by CB Massimo Tribulato and OLB Gianmarco Pecoraro. Mario Ravida did a fine job at CB for the second straight week. Our LB corps of Gianmarco, Pino Anello, Robert Conti and Alessandro Bambara REALLY stepped it up in this game.I can’t say enough about how hard and inspired our small band of defenders played today.

We are now at the half way point of the regular season, 5 games down and 5 to go. Our record is now 4-1 and we play the Sharks in Palermo next Sunday with our second BYE week to follow. If the Sharks have continued to improve, we will have our hands full again as in our first encounter with them 3 games ago.

The Pink Elephants were in FULL FORCE on Saturday!

I get a pre-game hug from Roberta and we play GREAT defense.
Coincidence, I don't think so!

Mario, Mario, Mario...

If nothing else, the Pink Elephants are always stylish!

Two happy coordinators after a Catania TD

"Me tinks" Lucky, a 20+ years Elephants veteran, would be a great coach someday.
It all starts with the sideline pose!

Catania defense poised and ready in red

How many hours on the train to the Cinque Terre tonight after the game???

Post game get together with 2 of Ancona's 3 Americans

Ancona's Italian RB has his own definition of baseball's "Chin Music"

Claudio being post-game interviewed by the local Sicilian sports TV station.

After the game, our lovable offensive guard, Giulio Romano

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