Sunday, June 1, 2008

Social Gatherings

Friday and Saturday nights have been very busy evenings on our social calendar!


Davide, one of our two team doctors, asked us to join him in a small welcome home get together for his wife, Giuliana, who had just returned from a two year residency program in Canada. I believe that her specialty is anesthesiology. 

"I want to study his brain someday!"

On the left is Dr. Davide himself, who would love to do some research someday on what makes Jason tick. Coach Matteo is giving out a big "HELL YES!"

Careful Jason

Santa Claus?

Of course this wooden cut out just happened to still be lurking in the walkway near the bar where we all met.


They clean up nicely too don't they!

 Aci Castello near the Norman Castle

This and the next two scenes are things that I saw in town today on my walk to get a haircut.

Indiana Jones and this old house are a good match.

We are NOT crazy about Rome here in Catania.

Christie Won The Part!!!

As you may know, Siracusa, about a 1 hour drive from here, has a very well preserved Greek Theater. Siracusa still hosts classic plays in it every other summer and they are active this year!

Christie auditioned for the part of the Medusa in an adaptation of The Odyssey and she won the part. Above she is pictured in the make-up room getting ready for today's matinee performance.

Congratulations Christie Chorley, break a leg!!!


A very strange, severe drought has hit Catania. It is only occurring wherever the Elephants practice. Is Palermo behind this somehow? 

Elephants' Team President/General Manager/Head Coach/Starting Offensive Left Tackle Davide Giuliano doing his impression of a Jumping Jack.

Small Trial BBQ at Malibu

We want to have a BBQ later this summer at Malibu to thank the many wonderful people here in Sicily who have been so very kind to us. We decided to do a small one in honor of the arrival of Matt's dad, Mark, to Catania as a test of our ability to host such an event. You can see that the BBQ's smoke in Aci Castello is attacking our guests just like back in the U.S.A.

We are going to need a MUCH BIGGER BBQ!

Note that I took this shot with no flash, I was correct in believing that Roberta's smile would provide more than enough lighting.

Matt and his Proud Papa Mark

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