Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Monday

In the United States today is a National Holiday called Memorial Day. It is the day America honors all the men and women who have died fighting in the many wars that the U.S.A. has been involved in in the past 232 years. It is a day with parades, picnics, BBQ's and, of course, the Indy 500 Motor Car Race.

Here in Catania the crew from Malibu decided to go to the beach to relax and try to put yesterday's disappointing loss a little farther behind us.

Lido Capannine at Playa Beach

At the suggestion of Claudio Mangano, our expert on all things Sicilian, we tried this new location for our beach day. Only 1 euro to park and the beach lounges are free. Good sand and warm water made for  great day.


After a long day in the sun one must find sustenance! What could be better than a pannini stand with Wimpy on the side wall?

Interesting Menu

I like a place that gives names to their food items. I went with the Burlusconi, he is the very controversial leader of the Italian government as I write this. It was MUCH tastier than the Bush pannini I ate here last week. 


All in all it was great to get some sun, lay at the beach and read a good book about the inner workings of the Vatican City State that was given to me by David P. Lassen.

Thanks David, the book really helped get my mind off the Parma game. 

Hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day too!

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