Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Flight to the Continent and London

After a great week back in Ventura County seeing family, friends and of course graduation, on Sunday it was time to fly back to Sicily and my Elephants family.

Cronies' Manager Greg

The breakfast before the flight just had to be one last trip back to Cronies Sports Grill in Camarillo which if you hadn't figured it out by now is our Rio Mesa H.S. locals hangout.

Ray's Special Scramble

Ray is Cronies chef who specializes in really healthy breakfasts. His special scramble is not on the menu, you have to be in with the in crowd sometimes! If Sicily did do breakfast, they would be erecting statues in piazzas all over the island to honor Ray's skills.

Heathrow International Airport in London

If you've been to London, you know the drill!

A classic slice of London life near my hotel

The Chelsea sign is for Jason, their only fan in Aci Castello

What did the lawyer do to enrage the police?

Thinking of you Laurie

This made me think about going to a play in my short overnight stay in London.

Westminster Cathedral

Catholic and practically brand new by European standards at only a little over 100 years old.

Parliament Building

Westminster Abbey over my left shoulder

Protestant, old and very historic!!! The Abbey that is...

Big Ben, a double decker bus and an Elephants felpa, what more could you want?

Winston Churchill and The War Rooms Museum
Funny guy that Winston

St. James Park

A Royal Guard

I think he was reacting to a cramp in his hamstring

3-D Monument 

Although I grew up on Basil Rathbone's interpretation of the Great Sleuth, I must admit that PBS's Jeremy Britt was the best and easily the most dedicated Sherlock.

A good Shepherd's Pie and a GREAT pint off Sherlock Holmes Ale can be found here!

Are ALL Koreans into art big time?


Another night at a play in London's West End.

The play was a comedy-tragedy musical called Blood Brothers. It has been playing in London for over 20 years., I gave it a solid B and this concluded my tourist efforts in the United Kingdom. I'm sipping on a Starbucks cappuccino at London's Gatwick Airport awaiting my British Air (PLEASE DON"T LOSE MY BAG!) flight to Catania. The only hold up was a false fire alarm that forced security to close for 20 minutes, after that all has gone well.


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