Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot, Busy Thursday in Ventura County

Thursday was another busy day running around Ventura County getting caught up with people and things. The difference today is that it has started to heat up! When I was in Westlake Village at about 1:00 p.m. today it was 101 degrees (38 for my Sicilian brothers)!

The Dentist Office

First up was a 9:00 a.m. dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned. Dr. Steven Dickey has been my dentist for as long as I can recall. At the right is his dental hygienist, Maria. They make a dental appointment a fun happening to look forward to.


After a good cleaning what could be better than a cup of coffee?

Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is a large bookstore chain in the USA and a great way to kill some time before an interview.

Travel Art

I found this great book about Italian travel posters from the early 1950's and here was a fun one about Catania.


Sandy is a checker at Barnes & Noble who was in my Italian language class and visits Italy every year for a month. During this chance meeting she put me on to several books about Italian culture and I bought three of them, not these two though.

Calcio Catania

David P. Lassen is a friend who is also a sportswriter for the Ventura County Star newspaper. He collects Italian Serie A soccer jerseys but has never been able to find a Catania jersey. I just had to help him out.

Lunch and an Interview at Jack's Deli in Westlake Village

I included this photo to prove that David has eyes. 

Keith Smith

I stopped by Newbury Park H.S. to chat with George Hurley who just retired as their longtime Head Football Coach, with Mike Sanders who also coaches at N.P.H.S. and with Keith Smith, a legendary QB in Ventura County high schol football history, who is their new offensive coordinator.

Keith also played QB at Arizona when our QB Jason Johnson was a freshman.

Rio Mesa H.S. Stadium

That's all strawberry fields in the background.

Day 4 of Spring Practice

Keith Smith Interview

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DPLassen said...

Thanks for including the second photo -- a rare picture of me I actually like, which makes up for the fact that the first one is so awful. (At least it wasn't taken with a fisheye ...)

Good seeing you ... glad we were able to get together.