Friday, May 30, 2008

Gole Alcantara

The Alcantara River Gorge is located about 25 minutes north of Aci Castello near Giardini Naxos, our favorite local beach. This ancient river has, over thousands of years, carved a 70 foot deep cut out of the black basalt rocks that now form it's shoreline.

The Alcantara River Gorge Natural Preserve is thataway!

Route C Information Sign


There are rapids...

and there are still waters that don't run all that deep.

There are several interesting rock formations.

I said "several" in many

It made for an interesting time in brisk water that was about waist high at the deepest where we waded in.

Bill Gardner

When we arrived at Giardini Naxos after our attempt at communing with nature in the Alcantara Gorge. First thing new I saw there today was a gigantic red blow up arch for some event this weekend that included this logo.

My father-in-law, Bill Gardner, is a life long Rotarian and this is definitely their logo but I do not know about inner wheel. May be akin to some Masonic ritualistic cult sect for all I know.

Mickey D's

After a hard day in both fresh and salt water we needed nourishment.


david santos said...

Ciao George, come và? Spero tutto bene per te. Buon lavoro. Un abbraccio e un buon fine settimana.

George said...

Grazie, David