Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"One Small Step for a Man..."

Lunar Landscape?

No, NASA has not just received new images of the surface of the moon. This, my friends, is the surface of OUR NEW PRACTICE FIELD!

After 19 weeks of practice on a calcio (soccer) field near the airport we moved to our new facility even closer to runway #1 at the Catania International Airport!

Former Elephants' Game Field

Catania Elephant veterans, Matteo Belfiore and Marco Raino, recounted how this used to be the home field of the Elephants. They told us that the playing surface is MUCH better now than it was back then!

I laughed at their joke...then I realized that they were dead serious!

Another Colorful Elephants' Warm-Up

We adapt, we improvise...WE ARE ELEFANTI!!!

Note the spacious seating to the right and the glass of the airport's departure area.

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